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Would This Work?

I usually run my ez- b controller off of a 7.2v 3 amp rc battery with about 6 Servos running along with it, with no problems. But I like to use a werker 12v 12ah agm battery from the ez- b controller to run the sabertooth 2x15 which run 2 12v dc reversible gearhead motors 160rpms( is powered by 2 12v batterys), a 12v lighting system,a mp3 triggerandalso probablyanother servo controller which runs another gearheadmotor, which would be controler by a joystick controller probablythe ps3. Do you the this set up would be ok? Without burnning out anything? Or should add some sort of power converters 12v to 6vand 10 amp and 5amp fuse blocks?

Thanks for helping out


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Glad to help if I can,

I would recommend trying it out. Add things one at a time to see how the EZ B does. Reality is what it is. Theoretically you can add up all max load drawn from all devices and see where you are, but the true test is to see how how things work. Basic theory is is only a starting point and a guide. Reality prevails. If things don't get too hot or you don't blow fuses then all is good. I would not worry about stepping down to 12V unless you have to. 6 servos does not seem too much. Those motors will be hogging the power if you load them up


Don't ever share juice from drive motors power supply , when the battery starts to go low or if current draw exceeds the batteries capability it gives a brownout to your electronics. I recomend have a different battery for your drive motors and brain. I'm not a robotics expert but I have been in the rc hobby for a while and recievers and microcontrollers fail with lower than required voltage , sometimes even critically. Your bots drive motors , servos will perform better if they are not sharing from the same battery. Plus stepping down from 12 to 6 there is a loss , it creates additonal heat from the resister or stepdown transformer being used , the transformer can allow fedback from your motor controllers to feed into electronics. So not only is it a waste of power but under high load it can caused control hardware to malfunction. General rule , keep drive components power supply seperate from control electronics.
That is great information!!!!!

Thanks for the lesson
Let me know if I get this right ?
Power supply to ez-b controller
Power supply for sabertooth 2x15 and 2 motors
Power supply to speed controller and 1 motor
Could the sabertooth and speed controller be controled by the ez-b?

How would I set it up? Could you provide me a wiring diagram please

Thanks again
I Gotcha, o figured it out ,
Thank you , that was a great tip and lesson