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Working With Nomad18.08 On Getting His Ez-B V4 On The Network

I am typing this for patrick because english is my primary language and I have been working with him.

He has a JD and another EZ-B v4. One of the two is able to connect to his network without any issue now, but one of them is having an issue connecting in AP mode. We cant connect via wifi from either of 2 computers to this one EZ-B v4.

There is one final piece of hardware that might make a difference, but I wont know until Friday. DJ and team, do you have any recommendations for me to try on the EZ-B V4? We have used the reset button multiple times with no good results. The EZ-B makes its announcement welcoming Patrick to the EZ-Robot revolution, and continues to flash blue.

Just so you know, Patrick does have Skype and TeamViewer installed and is familiar with how to use these.

Thank you in advance. David Cochran


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What issue is he having?

  1. Press reset button

  2. View WiFi networks

  3. Locate EZB in the WiFi networks list

  4. Select the WiFi network

  5. Press CONNECT

  6. Load ARC

  7. Press CONNECT in ARC on the default ip address

What stage does it fail for Nomad?


The ez-b is visable on the wifi networks on both machines. Try to connect and get an error that says he is unable to connect.

Step 5 is where the issue happens.

The other EZ=B is able to connect at this point and is able to connect in client mode also.


I know one of his computer's is an HP. Is he other as well? We are discussing an issue with HPs having that symptom in another thread. Suggestion was to get a cheap WiFi usb dongle while EZ-Robot investigates the root cause.



I am not sure. I will have to check that out tomorrow or Friday when I talk to him again.

The strange thing is one ezb works great on his network and in ap mode. Another one doesn't connect at all.

He also had a USB wifi NIC. We tried that one also. Still no connection.


Sounds like an out-of-box failure to me if one works and the other doesn't. I would start the warranty replacement process through the Contact Us page if it were me.



That's where I'm at with it, but nomad will have to submit it.


the laptop is win8 pakard bell. the destop has no brand.its win7

thank you guys

i contacted ez.


@Nomad.... Is this the ezb4 you put holes in Nomad?


i didn put holes in the ez-b4.only in the case.


@Nomad... By doing that you may have damaged the ezb itself... Make sure you make EZ Robot aware of your modification....


geez rr the ez-b4 was not in there when i made them.haha

am almost done whit the offset.i had to replace the mini servo's in the head and neck. they didn move.i notest not to use the pre-programmed off jd itself. the robot goes balistik when turn on and more whit connecting. so i made a new one.and all seems to be ok. i also notest jd head didn go far forwart.the screw was not far enough in. so i clean the edges and jd's head goes all the way forwart now. batt is charging now.then make the first poses. :D


Just to clarify, the holes that were put in were in the power base and not the V4. I may be wrong, but that is what I saw in the picture. Also, this is the one that came with the JD and not the one that came with the power base. The one that came with the power base is now powering JD.


He probably didn't do any damage, but most companies still don't like it when you modify their product while it's still under warranty....


d.cohran thats correct

if you use sound whithout the really tiny can damage the speaker. the base is diff build then the hole for the speaker.


rr you cant hardly see base dont cost much.


I understand, just wanted to state what the modification was and clear up that the modification was to a part that had nothing to do with the EZB in discussion.

BTW, the first thing I did with my EZB was modify much further than what Nomad did, to allow me to get rid of the base in my Wall-E. I am sure that there are others who have done the same, and I was fully aware that this mod would void the warranty. If any modifications had been done to any part of the one in question, I would have said "sorry dude, thats your issue now", but that isn't the case.

Anyway, Good luck nomad. Hopefully things get resolved for you with that one. I am glad you are enjoying your JD now.


David, I too have modified one of my ezbs... To the point I am pretty sure there is no warranty... However, I confirmed first that the ezb was fully functional before I made my modifications... I knew if I broke it, I would be stuck with it...

Anyway, back to the thread.... @Nomad... did you get JD (ezb) into client mode? I assume your new Win8 PC connects to your ezb with no problem... Sorry if you had mentioned that, I haven't read the entire thread yet....


We were able to get the one EZ-B into client mode with no issues. It is now in JD and functioning. I showed nomad why being in client mode is cool by demonstrating how to read an RSS feed from the internet.

JD is working for him now using the other EZB. He got to play with ARC and JD together instead of downloading an app to his android.


That's awesome, you made the right call then... He needed to upgrade his PC... Did he buy a new router as well?...


Yes, the router is still in route which will help him out drastically.

I am not so sure that some of the issues are not being caused by multiple people in the same apartment complex using the same channels on their wifi gear. I haven't lived in an apartment complex since wifi became prevalent. When I pulled up the list of wifi's in windows 7 or 8, the list was crazy long. The new access point will be able to work in different modes, allowing less congestion than the g mode that many other people are running in that building. It will also give him 300 Mbs speed instead of 54. It also has a stronger antenna. Nothing was working well the last time I connected but this time, everything with the one ezb worked very smoothly. With Wifi, who knows if that was the fact that someone wasnt home or someone wasn't doing something causing interference in another apartment or what. I hoped that it would solve the issue with the other EZB but it didn't.

The new laptop allowed him to get the ez-B onto his network, which allowed the other computer to connect.

The other thing that he did was decided to wire up some of his computers instead of using wifi. He got a network switch that is overkill but good, which helped once the V4 was on his network. He also had some issues with his monitor that he resolved.

I personally never run via wifi unless I have to. Wired is the way to go if you have a stationary computer and are able/willing to run a cable. In an apartment that is not always feasible but it looks like Nomad found a way to do this. It was a huge help so that we could mess around with the wifi network settings while keeping the computer(s) on the network for Skype and TeamViewer.



when do you have do the offset whit me. cant get it wright.jd is to spastik.

thank you


I havent done this yet, as I dont have the JD for the school yet. We probably wont get it this week due to the week long holiday in China. It might be best to ask a question on a new thread for someone to explain that has done this before with JD.

I have used this on the robot that the students built, which was only 2 servos to get the head and eye aligned right.



okay.i know how to do whit bioloid but this is diff. i hope your jd comes soon.

thank you