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Work-A-Round For Wifi Questions

I need to know if I can do the following with success.

I have a desktop computer with Windows 7 - not WiFi. I have an Android tablet that is WiFi and communicates with the EZ Controller.

Can I use my desktop computer to create programs - put them in the cloud - and then use the tablet to download into the controller for testing?

I am getting a new laptop next year - funds are not available until then. But , I need to get started on the programming now for all that I need to get done by March 1st

Thanks for the advice in advance!



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You don't download programs to an EZB...It's not an Arduino... The ezb needs a PC or an Android at all times to run programs... So in essence the program resides on the PC (ARC) or android which must remain connected via wifi at all times to the EZB4....


I am wondering if you can get a little usb wifi dongle to solve your problem. They are available cheaply and work very well.

Something like this?

Or this?

I have that second one. I think I have 3 of them:D for my raspberry pis. It works great for those and it says it works with Windows 7.


If your pc is in a wired network, you can run the ezb in client mode which will allow your pc to run the v4 via your network. The reason I say this is you said that you would upload the files to ez cloud from your pc so even without wifi, you are able to connect to the web, meaning that you must be on a wired network.

If your wired network doesn't have a wifi access point, you can pick one up for roughly $50.


yes, you can do that... You can create little programs on the PC and upload them to the EZ-Cloud. Following that, you can use your Android to control the EZ-B (robot).

You can also purchase usb wifi modules for very cheap on eBay:D

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I run all of my EZ-B V4s in client mode and use my wired desktop (well, HTPC usually to be truthful) to run ARC. You just need a wireless device to access the EZ-B wifi network to begin with, log in to it's server ( and change it to connect to your home wifi.


A big THANK YOU to all of you - each of you provided a piece of information that allowed me to understand the whole picture - AND - I am up and running.

Thank You all VERY MUCH!