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Wiring Specification For Extensions

Does any one know how to add extension wire to the servo wire connector without cutting or modifing the black clip end and does any one know if the replacement I2c port cable able to just clamp together like an extension wire or does it have to be cut and modified or can it use general same gage wire modded to it like servo extension wiring, cuz I trying to find a cheap way to finish my project on spare wires from old toy robots, so stage one of project omega can be completed and readied for programming. Any ideas?


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For servo wires, the best and easiest solution would be to use servo extension cables available from the shop here, or from eBay/Amazon ect which can be picked up for just a few bucks for a multipack and simply plug in to each other. No cutting or modding required.

User-inserted image

But to use existing wire you could cut in to the servo wire in half and join your salvaged wires in between both ends, and insulate the joins with heat shrink, terminal blocks, or wrap with electrical tape. Just make sure the salvaged wire is a similar gauge to the servo wires.

As for i2c I would take a little more care as it is quite fragile, and the slightest issue can lock the EZ-B needing you to power cycle it. The ribbon cables from the shop are female to female so can't be used as extention wires on their own.

User-inserted image

But you can get yourself a pack of "four pin 2mm pitch male to male adapters" (seen above) which fit inbetween the two ribbon cables to make an extention, and wrap the join with electrical tape to make the connection extra secure. I wouldn't try anything else in regards to i2c cables, and this idea works, and works well with no issues.

Hope some of that helps.
Thank you very much, I figured it would be best to just by the servo extension cables but as far as the i2c cables when I had a felling that they would be really specific and I'm glad I asked I would hate to have locked up my ez-b the first time I used it, especially since I've worked so hard on getting omega built and ready. Thanks for your help you have been very helpful
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Your more than welcome. If we are not sure on something, it's always good to ask whatever it is. Just to clarify, when I say EZ-B locking up, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's just that the EZ-B will stop receiving and giving commands and killing the power and powering it up again unlocks it and everything is all good again.

I had a bit of trouble a while back using jumper cables to extend an i2c cable for an RGB array and this caused problems for my project. Simply using another i2c ribbon and adapter solved the issue.

Good luck with your omega project. I look forward to seeing it when it's done.:)
Thank you I can't wait til he is complete either it's driving me nuts and bolts lol
so I was looking on amazon for the male to male adapter piece for the i2c cable and then I notice that the i2c cable its self has 6pin holes, does it have to be a 6pin male to male adapter for the female to female i2c cable or will the 4pin i2c male to male adapters work, because I was thinking that the 6pin would work with out adjustment or will it only work with the 4pin i2c male to male adapter work properly for it ?

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
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The 6 pin wire (in your last photo) is for the EZ-B v4 camera only. So to answer the question the 6 pin adapter would be used with the 6 wire camera ribbon, and 4 pin adapter for the 4 wire i2c ribbon cable.;)

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Can you provide a link to the six pin adapter you found on Amazon? I need one of those, and must be using the wrong search terms because I can't find it.

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Lol, Alan, you bring up a good point. The 6 pin adapters with casing are like gold dust here in sunny (or should I say very windy) UK.
@thetechguru a little off topic but, maybe something to buy and put on the "USA bits list" we have talked about. I'll email you.

Regards ,
Thanks Omega.

Rin, I'll reply tonight. Dealing with a plumbing emergency right now, but yes, good idea.

Your welcome The tech guru, i litterally just found the adapters the same time i posted that lol. when i get to searching i dont stop till i find what im looking for and it only takes me a couple of mins or a day and i find what im looking for and sorry bout the plumping issue, good luck with the plumping, its always a pain in the butt when it come to plumping, im always having to fix my own plumping all the time and i live in an apartment, go figure lol.
Thanks. I usually deal with my own plumbing, but this is either a clog or broken pipe under the basement floor, and the backup destroyed my dining room ceiling, so Servpro is here tonight cutting out he damaged ceiling and disinfectung and drying thw joists, the plumber is coming back in the morning to run a camera through the line to see what is stopping the auger. Thank goodness for homeowners insurance. Total job when everything is fixed could exceed $5k. Insurance doesn't cover all of it, but does cover the most expensive parts (ceiling, cement floor destruction and repair).

The joys of owning a 42 year old house.

lol i know how that fells, i lived in a house that was falling apart and we painted and cleaned it up, but all the wiring starting going bad and the pipes clogged and then the bathroom pipes burst under the house and started spraying up at the floors and the burst threw the floor and all over the house and then we had to live without water and i was just like forget this crap, time for an upgrade lol. but i wouldn't mind living in a house again as long as it had a basement were i can actually get to the plumping so i can fix it and have a easier made electrical box so i could maintenance the whole house myself, but its all bout the money lol, gotta love life.
Hay on the camera cable, after I attach the 6 pin adapter, can I just us any old 6pin wire extension cables/ make shift wires or does it have to be the ez-robot camera cable to use as an extension with adapters
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The 6 pin camera wire need to be 2mm pitch, meaning a 2mm space between each pin.
I have used the long header pins from old project boards (arduino) to extend the camera cables with great luck. Remove the pins from the header blocks,and put them in the plugs. Be sure the pins seat in both plugs and for security place some hot glue on the plastic connector to assure the plugs stay secure. I connected three cables together and it works fine. Radio shack sells headers, and boards which have these headers.