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Wireless Microphone

I imagine lots of you out there are using some sort of wireless microphone to talk to your robots. I'm looking for recommendations on which one I should get.


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I use a Plantronics headset that is bluetooth. I opted for this route to limit the other sounds picked up by ARC. Background noise really messes with Microsoft ' s speech recognition.



Which Plantronics headset are you using, and are you using Windows 7 or 8.1? I have had nothing but bad luck trying to use BT headsets with Windows 8.1 for anything except communication programs. Works fine for Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft LYNC) but when I try to use it for voice recognition, they keep disconnecting. I have tried several different headsets. Never had this problem on Windows 7.



Additional question with @Alan's (hope you don't mid Alan).... Is there a way (setting) that will allow sound out your PC speakers as well as through the headset? I want other people to hear what I am hearing as my bot responds to my commands...


That part I can answer. You can have separate default input devices from your default output devices through the sound settings (or even have sound come to both through the mixer). Getting the settings to persist between headset connections can be a challenge (doesn't always work with my wired headset, which does work).



@Richard R

Let me know if you need more detailed instructions. I just rattled off the general capabilities, not how to achieve it.



@Alan... thanks... I will. I promise not to pull a "nomad" and screw with things I shouldn't.....:P @nomad, I love ya' man...:)

Looking on eBay for the headset DJ recommended....


Thanks for your comments. I have tried the Jabra Bluetooth headset, but the model I had was made more to use with a cell phone than with a computer. As Alan mentioned the computers voice recognition heard me fine but the EZB voice recognition did not and it kept cutting out. The odd time it worked, I got sound out of the Ezb and/or the computer and that is what I want. I am trying to get the Jabra model for PCs but they are rare in my neck of the woods.


@DJ, do you get sound out of your computer / EZB with the microphone you use?


I ended up buying the one DJ recommend... Got it off of eBay today...