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Wireless Controller Recommendations?

Greetings. I was researching about certain controllers to use for my first ez-robot project (I'm going to try and experiment with my own version of DJ's modified Wall-E). I'm new to the subject of robotics so I might need some guidance. I have some specific questions:

1) Does the ARC program use bluetooth or just wifi connection?

2) When searching for a decent and good working controller what are some things to look for? (Any recommendations)?

3) Does it matter if you buy a bluetooth wireless controller or a non-bluetooth wireless controller and will it affect how ARC reads and configures commands correctly?

4) Depending on which console the controller is made for, would the console matter and would it affect how the robot functions correctly? (A peer at school told me PC controllers work better when used for robots? Just need a confirmation if that is necessarily true.)

Your answers will be greatly appreciated and I look forward to learning more. Thanks :)


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  1. ARC uses Bluetooth for the deprecated EZ-B v3 and WiFi for the EZ-B v4

  2. As a controller, you can use your Android or iOS mobile device

  3. I would recommend using your Android or iOS mobile device and not connecting a joystick

  4. If you're focused on using a joystick, I would recommend a PC video game controller, such as the one mentioned in the LEARN section help for joysticks:

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I'm with DJ on using a tablet as a controller as the ideal solution. In fact, I'm 90% done with a sweet looking suite of apps which replicate various old school game pads such as the NES, Snes (super famicon) & Megadrive (genesis) plus a few of my own layout designs.

Although if you do want a physical joystick I personally have used the Xbox 360 controller with great success. There are some button assignments which aren't as expected but since it's all configurable in ARC it's not an issue to make it work as desired.


I use the Logitech and am relatively pleased. A couple of issues outlined in this thread: and the thread linked in that ine, but when configured correctly it dies work. If I were to do it again I might have gone with the Xbox 360 one instead since you can use the headset with ARC and I haven't heard anyone with the same complaint about the joystick in use debug message. But if cost is a concern, the Logitech is a little less.


1.Connection for a joystick controller doesn't matter in ARC. ARC reads it as a Windows device.

Ez-b v4's use wifi connection. The old v3 uses Bluetooth.

2.Bluetooth for short distance, 2.4ghz for longer range.

  1. See 1

  2. Wireless Xbox 360 controllers can't connect to a pc unless you buy the dongle. PS3 I think is the same way. Next gen consoles in not sure.



Wireless Xbox 360 controllers can't connect to a pc unless you buy the dongle. PS3 I think is the same way. Next gen consoles in not sure.

True, but if you buy one labeled "for PC" it will typically have the adapter in the box. Just verify before purchase. I bought my Logitech at Microcenter, and the Xbox 360 controllers on the same shelf all had the PC adapter, but cost ~$10 more.



Thank you all.:) I feel much more confident looking for a good controller. Also I have one other question in mind,

5) Out of curiosity, could it be possible to use voice recognition with your robot using a gaming Headset (made for PC)?


If that gaming headset is recognized as a wireless microphone in Windows, then yes I would think so....

  1. Yes. that is why I mentioned in post #5 that you can use the Xbox 360 headset if you go that route.



Ah. Thank you. I appreciate all of y'alls' helpful answers. :)


Can you use an xbox one wireless controller with ARC

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Yes, with ARC and ARC. Any PC compatible joystick works. Here is the control, called joystick:

You'll find additional controls in the Products tab on this website.


So I got it to work but the dpad on the xbox one controller does not show as buttons also the triggers are considered a joystick 2 y axis.

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dpad isn't buttons. that's how the xbox controller is configured.


So I cannot use the dpad?


I’m not sure. The Xbox controller is designed for the Xbox and I don’t know how it works with pc. I recall there being a program for Xbox controllers to work properly on PCs. It was a driver of sort. Have you googled?

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Another thing - ARC uses joysticks as directinput, not xinput. So check the configuration of the controller for directinput. More about the directInput joystick control in ARC here:

might be a good idea if we created an xinput version of the joystick control. I’ll look into that for next month