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Wireless Camera

I have ordered a EZ-Robot. It now at two step processing.

I also want to buy a wireless camera like the below link:

But I can not find the item where to buy? Can you tell me? Thank you!


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I wondered too. All I know is its a 2.4ghz wireless camera.


They don't carry it anymore. I'm pretty sure any WFi camera that works with Windows is fine. There are many alternatives to that one. Maybe even find one that suits you better ;)


Ok, I am not sure the camera how to work.

Because I want to receive the image from this camera into my code, can you tell me the receive mode is through the usb mode? and the 2.4G mode is through what, wifi or zegbee?

The V4 camera can not work if it does not connect the EZ-robot Controller? I mean it is not work directly in my PC through wireless mode?

Thank you.

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Any wireless or wired camera will work with ARC provided it is detected by Windows or has a HTTP jpeg stream (such as IP cameras). All cameras with the exception of IP cameras must be installed in Windows and then they will show up in the list in ARCs Camera interface. IP cameras you will need to know the URL for the jpeg stream i.e.

The EZ-B V4 camera connects directly to the EZ-B V4. The EZ-B V4 is required for the camera to work as it does not operate in the same way as a typical wireless camera, it has an onboard processor which communicates directly with the EZ-B V4.


Ok, thank you very much for your explanation.

Can you help me search the camera in eBay or Amazon like as before wireless camera. Thank you.


are you sure it's the 2.4ghz camera you want?

The ezb v4 camera connects to the ezb, which is wireless. The camera image is a stream from the ezb to your PC. Using the sdk, you can access the image for your code. I can also give you the protocol details of the tcp stream.

The image is sent over tcp port 24. It has a header that says "EZIMG" followed by two bytes which is the data length. The data is a JPEG compressed image. Voila :)

If you're using the sdk, all that magic is done for you.


@DJ Sures ji am so happy to see your response.

Thank you.

I bought a ar parrot drone 2.0, but the image from this item cannot be received to PC. So, I have to find the resolution. That is I fixed a mini wireless camera on the parrot, then receive the image to my PC. However, the knowledge from website said the opencv could not handle the USB Dvr receiver, which always used for 4 channel worked on different frequency, hence, I need to find a suitable camera. The camera is like above description, but not buy now in your website. The USB receiver is just transfer wireless signal to USB for PC, not include Dvr.

By the way, I have bought a ez robot, when can I received it? Thank you.


@DJ Sures

Can you give me a suggestion? I am so hurry for this problem.

I know your company is advocating to your own robot. As for parrot 2.0, you do not work on it. So I hope my idea can be well in the future.

By the way, the Roli robot I bought the order detail below:

Order ID: 12-4173 Date: December 26, 2013 9:16 PM Recipient: Mingxin Yu Status Step 2 of 3) Processing Order Shipping: Free Shipping! (Tracking Number not yet available) Order Total: $369.00 Additional Info: Due to high demand, some items in your cart are in pre-order status. You will be emailed with progress information about your order.

Revolution Roli

Quantity: 1 Item Cost: $249.00 Item Weight: 1.8120 kg Subtotal Cost: $249.00 3 servo Arm with Gripper (2 pack) Quantity: 1 Item Cost: $120.00 Item Weight: 0.4640 kg Subtotal Cost: $120.00


AR Parrot Drone v2 camera will be supported in ARC within the next few weeks:) I have been working on it in my part time... I think it is a worthwhile product to support because I enjoy flying it!

The roli you purchased includes a camera also. With a flying robot and roli, you will have quite the robot army!


@DJ Sures

It sounded perfect. Thank you so much! I am waiting for your good news.

Yes, it looks like a robot army :P, I love your all products. They are so cool. Maybe I will further buy some robots from your website, and use my software to coordinate operation with all.

DJ, I hope I can receive my robots as soon as possible, can you check my order? Thank you so much.

I am looking forward to your reply.


Those who pre-ordered prior to December 4th received an email with a 4-6 week shipping estimate. I haven't heard any update since then, so I would say shipping should be expected within the next 3 weeks. If, like the EZ-B v3, they are drop shipping from the manufacturer in China, add another week or two for expected delivery.

Great news about AR Parrot Drone 2 support coming. I know a lot of users have been hoping for it, and I have held off purchasing a Parrot until I was sure I would be able to use ARC with it.