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Wire Size Recommendation

Is there an optimal wire size recommendation for powering the Ez-b?
I rewired my robot last week and took it to Long Beach Comic Con over the weekend. when rewiring it I used 18 gauge wire for the power lines. I experienced a lot of dropped wifi connections during the weekend and was not sure if this was a result of browning out the board.

-all high powered objects are NOT powered through the ez-b (servos, audio amp, H-bridge, lynx motion servo controller)

-1 ez-b inside of the droid body and using a windows 10 tablet to control everything

-wifi signal is password protected so people cannot connect their mobile devices

I am going to rewire the power with bigger line but was not sure if this could've been the potential culprit of my wifi connection dropping out



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Power is not your problem (18g can handle a lot of juice)... it's wifi interference from over saturated wifi around you
awesome that is a great tool. i will try this out tonight and report back!

I'm sure that it does not help that when going to these events there can be over 20,000 people in attendance.... the dropping signals made me a little hesitant to drive it around much.

Just thinking out loud here. I still have an old V3 board with a UART serial to USB converter. I did this to directly connect the board via usb. is this still an option with the V4? I have never really thought about it before


I know that there is also an updated board with usb connectivity.. are there any updates on its availability? I have an embedded computer so this would also solve my problem as well