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Will The New Software Update Revolution Be Released At Midnight Tonight?

Will the new software update 'Revolution' be released at midnight tonight?

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I doubt it since that's 10 minutes time for me:)

Nobody knows to be honest, it'll be released when DJ releases it, no information other than 1st June has been given. Go to bed when sleepy, when you get up it may be there to play with:D


"Twas the night before Revolution, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse".

Man I feel just like a child again.


" Anticipation, anticipation ,Is makin' me late ,Is keepin' me waitin' " ....Carly Simon for her husband James Taylor

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I'm only replying to get the time over there:) I want to know if I should go to bed or wait up in anticipation.

Edit: 6 hours... Hmm, a quick 6 hours sleep? I think so:)


It might be later on in the day... We still have a few tests to run. The website will be down for about 6-8 hours during the release launch. If it's not tomorrow, it will be on Sunday:)


fingers crossed I have the day off tomorrow. @DJ you can still get the tests done tonight in time.:P I mean you got us hooked on it now man you gotta keep dealin.LOL


I am excited to see what designs are offered at first with the new update. I can't wait to print an already made design or customize my own robot from already made parts. I put together this robot out of matt-board and the joints and stuff and loose and overall I think printing new hardware to fit the EZ-B servos will be awesome.

I saw that bi-pedal robot. It is really cool, although I wonder how many servos it needs. I wonder if there will be a printable robot that utilizes all the components in the entire kit. This is what I am looking forward too!


We waited this long, better to be released late and fully tested then released with a bugaboo in it. June 1was my birthday so I am looking at it as a bonus present a day or two late. Thanks DJ

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Happy birthday dude.

I was expecting this to be the other way around and someone complaining about the delay, glad you think like me and feel it's better to wait and have it bug free:)


Merry belated birthday Tyme;) I too am in the I can wait camp. Truth is, even if it comes out today, I probably won't get a lot of time with it anyway so I'd rather it be done right as opposed to rushed out.

@DJ don't stress and don't rush. Any gamer out there is more than used to delayed release dates. I think it's now a mandatory part of being a video game company anymore. lol

I spent some time in Los Angeles in 98-99 and the town's anthem seemed to be "Everything is due 2 weeks ago on Tuesday." And that philosophy was shared from Universal studios to Kinkos. Now I'm not saying take two weeks but I thinks most of us care about the end results, not the time the results are delivered.

Speaking of time, this grass isn't going to cut itself.


Thanks everyone:) here's an update...

The makerbot is toast. They'll be sending me replacement parts. This means the first release of revolution will not contain as many peices as planned. They can be updated by us via the online library over the next while - so no huge biggy.

There are some tests and last minute updates we started while waiting for the makerbot replicator 2 to start working. We will finish those changes today and release this evening:) or worst case scenario tomorrow.

Tutorial videos will be filmed this week with step by step usage information.

I'm super excited:D

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Makerbot again!.. That's them off my list of possible printers (which they were barely on anyway).

Probably wont be until tomorrow for me then since it's 8:10pm here and I need an early night, so probably a good thing as I know I'll be wanting to play with it until the early hours.

Any chance of the custom 3d items dimensions, rules, etc. and maybe even the stl for the ez-clip? (Only if time permits, I can wait for those too since I'll be sleeping in 3 hours) Am I jumping the gun a little?


Awesome can't wait for the release this evening! To bad about the makerbot. For anyone interested in a 3D printer I recommend the Ultimaker.

Thanks for the update DJ, I am super excited as well to see all the new stuff in the coming weeks.


Thanks for the update DJ hope to see it soon and other items you going to put on your website to sell. I hear a lot of bad news about makerbot ,just trash it and get another one.


What about the kinect, all everyone talks about is the 3D printer?


@tymtravler happy birthday my friend,hope you have a great party.


@DJ you still have the cube 3D printer to use right?


It looks like DJ has the CubeX printer from 3D systems. $3k + is the price. It's a great printer is you can afford its cost and pricey upkeep with CubeX Cartridges. It's much better than the Cube but also 2x as much


@JStarne1, yah we have the CubeX also.. But we need to verify parts with multiple printers to ensure compatibility. I think the parts that we have done now are enough for now. We will add more in the upcoming weeks - and hopefully see a lot more parts added by the community:D

I've finished most of the last bit of updates and bug fixes... She's ready for rollout tomorrow!

I'm going to go home now. Tomorrow morning i'll give the software a quick test before we release it to you eager folk:D

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Perfect, well depending on what time in the morning, that should be just as I get home from work:) its already tomorrow here...


I accidentally deleted the database and website tonight! Thabk goodness for backups:)

It'll probably be later in the afternoon. I have some errands to run. Then a few ez-bits to add to revolutions online database. Then... She's ready for the world;)

Let the revolution begin!

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Don't forget to sleep, I thought I was bad but I bet you can rival my 3 hours sleep every 24 hours (or so).:D


Oh man, I can't go that long! If I don't have at least 7 hours... i'm a zombie. I work until my brain gives out and I delete databases - then I go to sleep:)


Good night sweetheart well it's time to go. Bum bum bum bum bum. Good night sweetheart well it's time to go. Bum bum bum bum we hate to leave you but really must say, good night sweetheart good night.


Did i hear that right DJ you deleted the website thats not good LOL