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Wii Nunchuck

I have the Wii remote working without a problem, but the nunchuck function doesn't work. I looked through the demo videos and didn't see anything about it. I set the servo ports on the nunchuck settings and set the min and max which moves the servos, but when i then try to use the nunchuck directional pad it doesn't do anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Nick

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New Zealand

I'm one of those people who are not that good at fixing things but I do is I search youtube to see if there are any videos to help me fix the problem why don't you try to search youtube and see if that will help you. Hope this idea helps Cheers:);)


Ill take a look tomorrow and see if it works. It's been a while that I've tried it


I also had trouble with the Wii nunchuck as well as the tilt controls not working


@robohobo, what do you mean "tilt controls not working"?


for me, I can use the wii remote itself fine, but when I connect the nunchuck to the wii remote, the accelerometers stop working.(those little dots that show where the wii remote is pointed) all the buttons still work fine on both but not the accelerometers.


Are you saying that the little red dot that moves with accelerometer no longer moves? It just sits in one absolute position?

If so, your wii remote is broken and would need to be replaced.


that is what happens with mine as well. Must resync the remote again and the all functions of the wii remote work. Just no function from the nunchuck


Again, to clarify. The little red dot stops moving? To be more specific, the dot does not move at all?I'm not asking if the servos stop. I need to understand that you are saying the dot stops.

Does the dot stop moving with the accelerometer?

If the dot stops, then your Wiimote is not compatible or is damaged.

If the dot does not stop, but the servos do not work. Then you must read the tutorial page on how to use the Wii Remote. Press the ? (question mark) button. Read the first paragraph of the tutorial page. It is important you use the ? (question mark) on controls to learn how to use them.


the red dot moves fine with the wii remote and the servos move fine until you plug the nunchuck in. then the red dot freezes where it was and the servos stop moving. you can still use the buttons, but the accelerometer is frozen until you resync.


Ah! Yes, that's the kind of description I need. Thank you:)

I'd be happy to have descriptions like that in the future:D