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Alarm Clock System.

Alarm Clock System.

Hi guys for part of my project I am trying to make an alarm clock program that can alert me when it is time to get up out of bed, tell me what day it is and make it have a cool alarm...

What Is Their Favourite Thing They Like To Do Using Ez Builder

Hey guys just asking what are your favourite things you like to do using Ez Builder? *confused* ;)
Robotic Arm For My Terra Nova Rover

Robotic Arm For My Terra Nova Rover

Hi guys for my project I'm building a Terra Nova rover based on the curiosity rover that is currently on Mars and I wan't my rover to have a robotic...

Alarm Clock Script

Hi I'm trying to finish my alarm clock script using script manager and I don't know what to do can anyone help me please? Here is a copy of my alarm scripting... # Jocasta Nu alarm clock v1.0 # By William Chase # ======================= # Assign system variables # ======================= # System variables program :variables $Count=0...

About Ez Builder

Hi guys I'm just asking can Ez Builder run on Windows RT OS? *confused* :)

Ez- Builder Software

Hi guys I'm in the middle of Terra Nova rover project and before I can go further in this project I am just learning the basics of the software on how to use it any ideas on what routines I can program my rover to do? :)

Terra Nova Rover Wheels.

Hi guys Does EZ-Robot sell Mars rover like wheels because I need to get six of them for the rover I am going to build. Cheers William. :D

Terra Nova Rover

Hi I'm William.... I am working with @Justbuildit and my teacher @Tameion on a class robot project. We have to imagine we are exploring the Terra Nova environmant remotely with a Mars like Rover. I want it to have a robotic arm that can grab things and six wheels and a camera that can take images of where it is and what it is doing with its robotic...

About Bluetooth

Hi for my project I am making a rover and I'm just wondering the rover will be able to take photos wirelessly and I'm just wondering could I use a bluetooth camera so when the rover has taken the photo could I use bluetooth To trasmit the photos to my laptop or whatever device I will use? cheers. *confused*
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