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Whoa, New Websit Up!

Looks great! It looks like i will be cruising it first?!

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Glad you like it:) there are some tweaks we are still making.. but it's the foundation for our new look and product:D


It's a really great layout!

It is a little intensive for the browser, maybe add an option to disable the animation in your settings?


Niek, what are your computer specs? We've tested it with quite a few computers with no performance issues. Perhaps we tested on computers too high. What are you running?


Excellent well done all at EZ-B Bright and inviting web presence ,like the deep contrast


New Website very nice, always positive changes.


Love it! scared me because all I did was refresh my browser and it flickered and reloaded(some websites do that for me) and I thought I saw the old website, glitched out.

very cool though.

is that robot on the logo your next robot?

just tried the smily emoticon and I got an error.


also, did you mean to not have anything in the shop? all there is is the kit and spec.s and then the video.


Hi DJ,

My computer is an i7 with Nvidia Geforce GT540M but I was testing it at school in a free hour. It could just be my browsing style, I tend to open all of the forum posts I would like to read at once, reading them individually and then closing them. I also found out that Adblocker can be used to stop the animation:)

United Kingdom

@technopro, look along the top of the shop, there are categories now.

@DJ/Web guy, if you didn't know, the edit post page has a formatting error (In Chrome at least). And links don't seem to be underlined, so hard to see they are links.

P.S. Looks good :).


Thanks @Rich and everyone:)

We will continue to make formatting updates over the next few days. Expect a few little quirks, but all functionality will be working - not much has changed in the background code.


The dog was impressed with the awesomeness of the new site.... User-inserted image


It does look more professional and now you don't need to worry about Disney getting upset about the "likeness of walle" on the site.


Looks Great! Good job EZ Robot