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Who's On Thingiverse?

I know a lot of you guys are quite active in the 3D printing community. Are you on Thingiverse? If so, what's your pseudonym? I'd like to follow you guys.

I just started creating my own designs this year and I'm now ready to start sharing them. Most of the designs are Synthiam Live hack related.

I posted my first design today, it's a G.I. Joe action figure stand. The design is based on the original stand but it's slightly different.

User-inserted image

Here's my page (pretty bare bones so far): Skater_j10

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@Jeremie   Since I haven't made the legs yet I will definitely be adding a large hole in the left heel.   I have a laser cutter and do a lot of acrylic etching and cutting.  It is not healthy to breath the fumes so I have a very good exhaust system, although the smell does linger. with the 3d printer I print using PET_G and there is no smell at all, it is also food safe.

Jer, I love the new foot stand, it actual holds the action figures in a pose instead of letting him in face plant like the original stands!
Thingiverse is  gret site. Iuse it alot myself. Seen some of the EZbits on there. Have printed so many cool things:)
I am almost scared to explore Thingiverse, My mind may become officially Blown...Need ...3d...printer!