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Which Wall-E Should I Get ?

Well, I just ordered a Developers kit and an extra controller, looking forward to getting everything. My plan is to convert a Wall-e into a robot, like on DJ's video. Which Wall-e should I buy to convert?


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Either the Ultimate Wall-E or the U-Command depending on both your budget and the availability of them.

You will find both can fetch a very high price, the ultimate being the more expensive but the u-command, even without controller has sky rocketed in price.


If someone has/finds an ultimate wall-e,the disney store wall-e or the big remote controlled eve for a reasonable price, plz, plz tell me. Those are the only ones missing in my complete wall-e collection. I have anything else.

In my opinion the u-command wall-e is the best one as a base for ez-b. They cheaper ones dont have the needed technical complexity and the ultimate wall-e would be a waste.


@stbaer whaaaaat!?!?! the ultimate wall -e is super well built but a complete mess when it comes to the remote and its abilities. so much more can be done with the v4 as a brain.

my only real problem with doing any mods to my ultimate wall-e is my lack of experience. ive completed my u command wall-e, starting on the Hasbro R2..then ill UPGRADE the Ultimate wall-e

I actually purchased the Disney limited edition wall-e for the neck, its awesome. got it for 20 bucks because it had no remote. I paid a cool 100 for the u command wall-e (missed out when they were going for 40 or 50) got the ultimate wall-e for 350 (sold the remote to a guy on this board for 50)


@hoolagen1: "the ultimate wall -e is super well built ". Thats why I think its a waste ^^

If anyone has one of those robots and wants to sell them I would be glad to buy them to fill the best 3 places in my vitrine:)


I found and purchased a Wall E U Command on eBay for $145.00. There are a few more for sale there. Thanks for your help. Now I will wait for everything to arrive. I think my granddaughter is really going to like this project!


I have a question, the Wall-e used, it doesn't need to work correct? I wanted to buy a Wall-E on ebay, there were a couple that were sold as-is, for parts only. It doesn't need the control or the guts correct? As long as it has a head, body, arms, and tracks, correct? I won't need any gears, etc.


You are correct @ulyssescpt The first step in a Wall-E build is to strip out all the insides - electronics, motors, gearboxes, arm levers, drive shafts, etc They don't need to be working as you replace them with servos and the Ez-B controller For good pics of a Wall-E teardown check out


I have 3 u command wall-e's and I would kill for an ultimate wall-e. I would trade one for an ez b board.


I know this was posted a year ago... But i have a Disney store exclusive eve remote control robot for sale. Its Brand new in the box never been opened. Still has the "Try Me" button and works. All seals on boxes have never been cut or peeled. If anyone is interested please email me AT Looking to buy a longboard and could really use some money to go towards it. Thanks!