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Which Wall-E?

Hi - thanks for the great demo at Maker Faire, DJ. Can you (or anyone else) tell me which Wall-E is shown in your video? It looks like the "U-Command Wall-E" from Thinkway Toys (2008), which has a total height of about 9 inches, and real treads that are used for traction. Is that right? I'm confused because some images of this model show a set of small drive wheels in-between the treads (see image), while other images don't. Would also appreciate any leads on buying one used -- Ebay etc. Thanks! Eric
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You want the U-Command Wall-E:)

Yes the U-Command Wall-e is better. The smaller wheels are free spinning while the larger wheel in the back does the turning of the treads. Thats the one you attach your drive motor or continuous rotation servo. Good luck! Its a fun build.
Make sure the user knows that he's selling a "U-Command" ask for measurements or something if you have to. I bought one from a guy who thought he had a U-Command cause it looked like others for sale on eBay. Turned out to be the "Interactive wall-e". I mean it worked, but you need the extra space of a "U-Command" and you probably won't run into stiff track problems like I did.

Guy probably could tell the difference between wall-e and Johny-5. *mad*

Good luck and happy building!
Thanks everyone. Off robot hunting... Eric
4 out of 5 sellers list walle wrong on eBay. I tried several times to buy the right one , they would even post a pic of u command walle then I would get a letter model . I gave up eventually , its better to pay more money and know you got what you want.