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Which Laptop Is The Best And Why?

In my view Samsung & Toshiba are the finest high skill laptops brands. Additional remembering things are that while purchasing a laptop CPU speed, heaviness, battery support and main thing the cost against performance. What is your opinion about laptops? Share your views. Thanks!


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Asus has a very good price/performance ratio. I'm typing this right now on my n53sv-sz404v. It's a very nice laptop:)


Are you asking what is the best Laptop generally or for running ARC? If for just running ARC Rich gave some insight into this in this thread:

In my experience on running ARC with a few scripts running on an older Duel Core Dell, it runs very smooth if ARC is the only thing running. The more things you have ARC doing like camera tracking, mutable EZB Board connections and ADC Port monitoring the better computer you will need. I also found anti virus software and other programs running like web browsers cause problems like Bluetooth disconnects and slowdowns.

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The laptop with the highest Spec. is best regardless of make.

balance the pros and cons, cost and performance.

trusted manufacturers are those with good support, like Samsung, Toshiba, hp, Dell.

I stay away from acer when possible since their support sucks. But, they do make good quality low cost so its a balancing game.


@Rich is right. I can tell you from experience that Dell has phenomenal customer support. And Acer's are great for the money. I can not speak on their CS because I've never had to deal with them. I've had at least one acer computer in my home for at least 6 years and have never had any problems other than my woman prying the "c" key off and loosing it during a cleaning.


Best laptop depend on your price range, What will it be used for on a daily basis.

As a owner of computer shop here in the U.S. The one I receive less are Sony, IBM( Lenovo). We receive too many HP with motherboard problems, Dell and asus seem to be cheap thrill for the right price.

If it will be use as a daily driver, I highly recommend an I7 processor with at least 4gb of ram.

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We use Sony exclusively at EZ-Robot. However, when asked by my family and friends which laptop to choose. They usually end up with ACER - because of the price.

  1. I don't play any games, and neither do my friends - so video card isn't a huge concern.

  2. RAM is very affordable to upgrade after you purchase the laptop. I go to a local computer store and purchase the ram. So rarely do I buy a laptop with much RAM - I upgrade it after - saves a lot of cash. You can upgrade to 8gb or 12gb of ram for $30 CDN:)

  3. Hard Drive is usually the biggest performance kicker. Even a fast 7200 RPM drive is painful now that SSD (Solid States) are so popular and affordable. The issue with SSD is the capacity. All of our Sony EZ-Robot Laptops have 120gb SSD drives. We don't have any media (mp3's videos, etc) on the computers - so small drives doesn't bother us. I have a 256gb SSD in my Sony. We upgrade the laptop to SSD after the purchase. We do it at the same time as RAM. a 120gb SSD aftermarket will cost only $120 CDN.

  4. CPU is the one thing you can never upgrade. So I look for the highest CPU benchmark index. The other benchmarks do not concern me because they can be upgraded.

If you do not have a trusted computer place nearby to buy upgraded parts, we use ... it's just down the street from my house - so we are there often. Huge warehouses and amazing prices:D


Awesome valuable info from everyone!......just a couple of questions regarding the SSD drive....where are they installed and what happens to the installed hard drive?....thank you in advance:)


The installed hard drive gets removed. Throw it in the garbage:) Nah, just kidding - don't throw it out. It's nice to buy a small cheap USB Enclosure for the original hard drive. You can now use the original hard drive as an external for storage of big files.


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SSD replace your typical sata hard drive. SSD major performance booster.



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