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To edit actions for your spider robot using the Auto Position (Gait) skill in ARC with your EZ-B v4, you'll need to access the Auto Position skill's configuration menu where the Action Editor is located. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open ARC: Start by launching the ARC software on your computer.

  2. Load Your Project: Open the ARC project that contains your spider robot's configuration. If you haven't already added the Auto Position skill to your project, you'll need to do so by going to Project -> Add Skill -> Servo -> Auto Position (Gait).

  3. Access Auto Position Skill: In your project's workspace, locate the Auto Position skill instance you've added. It should be represented by a skill tile within the workspace.

  4. Open Configuration: Click on the gear icon on the Auto Position skill tile to open its configuration menu. This is where you can manage frames, actions, and other settings related to servo movements.

  5. Navigate to Actions: Within the configuration menu, you'll find tabs or sections for "Frames" and "Actions". Click on the "Actions" tab to access the Action Editor. Here, you can view, create, edit, and delete actions for your spider robot.

  6. Edit Actions: In the Actions section, you'll see a list of existing actions (if any). To edit an action, select it from the list and use the provided tools to modify it. You can add or remove frames, change the order of frames, adjust transition settings (like delay and steps), and more.

  7. Save Your Changes: After making the desired modifications to your actions, make sure to save your changes. There might be a save button within the configuration menu, or the changes might be saved automatically when you close the configuration window.

If you're looking for specific scripts associated with actions but can't find them directly, remember that actions are essentially sequences of frames with specific servo positions and transition parameters. Scripts can be associated with actions for additional control or to trigger other events in ARC. If you've added custom scripts to actions and need to edit them, look for a scripting option or button within the action editing interface in the Auto Position configuration menu.

Remember, the Auto Position skill is a powerful tool for creating complex movements and behaviors for your robot. Take your time to explore all the features and options available in the Action Editor to get the most out of your spider robot's movements.

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