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Where Does The Ultra Sonic Sensor Go?

I need help with this stuff, I'm not sure where to put the ultra sonic sensor in to on the EZ-B v4, which pins, what do I do on the ARC....Anything you know, please share... confused sickCan someone please take a pic of the ultra s on their board plugged in? I'm not a quick learner, and I learn better visually...... confused The videos for some reason are not helping me....


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It plugs into to any of the 24 digital ports of the eb4... For that ping you will need to use 2 ports.... There is also a voltage regulator you will need inline so that the ping gets only 5V... Do not plug it directly into the ezb4 board.... If you have the developer kit there will be the inline 5V regulator and all the wires you'll need in order to use it... See.... How to use the ping sensor

There are examples on this site and in ARC on how to use and program using the ping...


here's how to solder the wires on the ping sensor.

User-inserted image

and here the video how to connect to ez-b4


I would advise against solder wires to your ping... I believe the developers kit has all the wires/cables/voltage regulator(s) you need to make the ping plug and play with the ezb4....

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Richard is indeed correct. The sensor that comes with the dev kit does have the cables and regulator.

I believe the wiring to the v4 is... Green wire (trigger) > outside pin Red (Vcc) > middle pin Black (ground) > inside pin White (echo) > to another outside pin (Correct me if I'm wrong anyone)

The regulator is the small pc board with the black and red wires (as seen in nomads photo). Then follow the instructions on the video which tells you how to set the sensor up with ARC.


User-inserted image

User-inserted image


i solder mine cause sometime they come off easly.

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Can someone please take a pic of the ultra s on their board plugged in? I'm not a quick learner, and I learn better visually...... confused

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Hears a photo dev kit sensor plugged in to the EZ-B v4. Hope it helps. ;)

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damo365 i make a pic slow mearner to.dont worry

thank you steve

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Thnx so much, that helped me quite a bit.... :D

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Your more than welcome. Glad I could help. :)

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Wait, I built a different model of the box bot, and the left and right wheels are in D12 and D13 but can I put them in a different place so that there is space for the ultra s sensor to go in to D12 and D14?

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Yes. You can use any of the available digital pins, as long as you follow the correct wiring described earlier.


You can use any of the 24 digital ports for the ping and servos.... As long as you reflect the changes in the software controls and/or scripts....


I would like to know the name of the supplier and the part number for the regulator shown in the pictures.

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The supplier is EZ-Robot. If they aren't currently in the store (they weren't last time I checked the store) then they will be added shortly.

As far as I know you get a regulator with the ping sensor in the store however check the details in the store to confirm that.


I have the ping sensor from the V3 kit. I need to add a regulator to mine before connecting it to my V4, correct?

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Yes. The ping sensor will require a regulated 5v for use on the V4.

Do not connect the sensor directly to the EZ-B V4 VCC - This will damage the sensor