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When Will The Revolution Robots Be Posted

All the robots you guys at ez-robot made seem very cool and clean. are you guys planning to post them in the EZ-Robots tab?


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The 2 robots I have seen so far are JD the bi-pedal robot and The quad-spider type robot. You can open the projects up in the new project --> examples tab it shows the two robots so far.

Personally I am very interested in making JD but I feel like I can't get started yet because I have so many questions before I purchase the servos I need. I am waiting for the tutorials videos on EZ-Bits and JD the bi-pedal robot.... I can't wait to see a video of JD moving around
It would be awesome if with EZ-Bits and the EZ-B we could work together to create an open source version of the NAO robot. It would be a great humanoid platform for us, and we wouldn't need to embed a CPU just use EZ-B and it wouldn't cost $15k! I could see JD evolving to become more and more advanced like this

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Honestly Feroze the Nao is pretty much a ripoff. Economically speaking. Its a humanoid robot with proprietary servos so each time you break one you must but the 300 dollar replacement from them. It is wireless so all the brains are not onboard at all , it has wireless serial , audio and video. Oh and a pretty cute little fiber reinforced plastic shell ;). So basically you could 3d print your own and use standard servos at a third the cost with EZ Robot equipment and have the same or even better development platform for a couple thousand. Then the maintenance is much cheaper with the use of less expensive non proprietary servos. The only reason Nao manufacturers got away with such a high price is that its a one stop shop development platform before EZ Robot concept was thought of. Its "easy" to place one order and have a preassembled nao on the way especially when its a colleges money some professor is spending.

In comes EZ Robot. Professor orders a handful of ezb , cameras and a 3d printer and now they have the flexibility to print a premade platform or advance into making their own improvements while maintaining the power and flexibility of the ARC and EZ SDK to use with the creations. Imagine each student literally being able to design his or her biped and printing it to assemble for their school project. That's cooler than my LAME robotics lab I had in school. We had a Scootbot 4 arm and some foam toys to move around.
For sure... Nao is pretty expensive, and your money is locked into one type of a robot when you buy it. EZ-B and it's design platform is much much more powerful in terms of limitless capabilities. You can make anything with the EZ-B platform! That is the main reason I bought the EZ-Robot kit, is because of how open it is. I love the freedom, the powerful features of ARC, scripting, and the availability of the SDK!

The point of my post was because I would like to create a small bi-pedal robot similar to the NAO's size and features using the EZ-B.

A couple thousand! I was hoping for much less! I think JD is a good start made by EZ-Robot. All the servos together would probably cost less than $150. And you could add LED, speaker, and distance sensor from the kit. Hopefully me and other can work to help progress JD hardware and software overtime.
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You know you can alter the parts from JD and customise him.
Export the STLs and load 'em up in 123D or whatever you use.

Give JD a mohawk, big floppy ears, alter his body and give him a nice curvy, slick looking shell... the possibilities are only limited by your imagination:)
What meant was, "are you guys at ez-robot going to post your robots in the 'EZ-Robots' tab where most of DJ's robots are?".
I'm Already working on one. I will let you know when the summer is over. I'm drawing it in solid works. but I also have the original files which are .step files from Alibre (now GeoMagic expert)
My opensoucred humanoid. Check it out. Its like the third photo in rotation. Let me know what you think.
@feroze I say a couple thousand because a robot of nao physical size and points of rotation (joints) is a lot of 3d printing. Also all the main support joints must be high torque servos. You can easily buy them for a third or less than nao servos though.