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Whats On Your Workbench

what's on your work bench I have josh Dalton servos computer and some tools for feature robots


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here is my work area, cleaned up, and waiting robot kits.


My workbench is full of old robot books for a special project I hope to share soon.
A 3D printer that I am getting wrapped up, a Wall-E to get ready for my class, a EZ-Robot kit that I am trying to think of what to do with, and plans for my next class. Not a lot going on here....
You have me on your desk ? Lol
I don't have a workbench
I float around from the sofa to the dinner table to the attic
but generally in those places is a new head for my forthcoming unnamed biped
complete with a 126 led, arduino driven face array with programmable moving blinky eyes.
An arduino balancing system for the biped with force sensing resistors ready to be fitted to some baby nike hitops, half programmed. (a 3am eureka idea that I managed to follow through)
and a little space for the EZB v4 and camera for the biped main board that are in transit thanks to Chrissi.
My new ceramic soldering station and an SSC-32 and a botboarduino for a mini attacking 20 servo hexapod I have recently thought of and sketched, to run on lynxmotion phoenix. just to fill time whilst waiting for the EZB-4

I need a workbench !

Andre *eek*