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Whats On The Work Bench

What's on your work bench ?

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One more road block over come I finally got a little work bench:D today I got a 6 foot folding table it was kinda costly but now I no longer have to do my work on the floor:D I have a little table but it was only big enough for my computer .... kinda lol and I can now do more testing with my tracked robot called scraps. It was really hard getting scraps to turn at all on the shag carpet

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What's on your work bench


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It's difficult to get anything to move on a shag carpet, even my parent's stupidly expensive vacuum cleaner which has assisted drive wheels struggles with shag carpet when being pushed.

What's on my workbench? Since my workshop doubles as a kitchen (well, I think technically it's the other way around) I have fruit, cereals, washing up, soldering iron, microwave, hot glue gun and various robot parts scattered around the place.

I plan to move my workshop in to my office at some stage, it makes more sense but my office has a deep shag (being a Brit I love saying that given it's other meaning...) so I've hung fire for now.

I'll grab some photos of my Workchin (Workshop/Kitchen) later when I get home:)


lol yes I know the other meaning lol i love the sound of your work bench lol a few of them ummm "tools" comes in vary handy lol


Here are some of the robots on the top of my work bench.

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MiniB and RedBender you probably know. The other two are a recently started "minion" themed robot and "NurseBot".

On my actually bench right now is RedBender and a Brookstone Rover 1.0 I just got from ebay.


I guess everyone has the opportunity to see my work bench everyday on the cameras but here's a pic of my secret lair:

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I have josh computer robot parts all over the place mini fridge and some storage compartments


My desk(s) hold robot parts(parts hoarder) and my robots as well make up my tinkering space. No soldering allowed in my room sadly.:(

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