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Whats A Good Price For Wall-E

Hi all!

My wife is buying me an EZ-B kit for my birthday this week (I have her well trained;) ) and I really want my first bot to be a Wall-E.

The one's I tend to find on eBay range from $15 for the 5" figurine (likely not the one you use) to $400 for the remote control one.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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Happy Birthday dude!!

Well, I have to appologize for the price of the U-Command Wall-e's. It seems EZ-Robot has driven the price higher than they used to be. But, there are still some sellers on eBay who are unaware and you'll find great deals.

I haven't purchased one in a while, but many other EZ-Robot users have.

Bret Tallent used to post great eBay deals on our facebook page. He's stopped lately. I miss his posts:) hint hint Bret!

#4 hint.....look for one that dosent work, or missing remote control.

i got a limited edition wall-e for 10 3 weeks ago..


@hoolagen1 thats a crazy deal they ave between 40-60 i usually see.


yup....but again no literally no one bid on it but me. with shipping i paid 20.00 even


@hoolagen are you assembling an army of Wall-e's? You should be selling them on here:)

Once we have the sale section up, it'll allow ppl to sell the toys they find. I think that'll be a neat idea


lol, just the one....just trying to make him as good as the ultimate wall-e (so im all over the forum)

thankfully i got an artoo a couple years that's my next project. (going to make him as good as the nikon r2d2)

and yeah, sale section sounds awesome...... actually looking for an mp3 trigger now, but waiting for your ez bits

thanks Sures


Yea , heck I have a whole omnibot 2000 , plus some parts I wouldn't mind selling to someone who will appreciate them


@jstarne1 Maybe we could do some horse trading, I would love a 2000.


Wow I can't believe thre great feedback so quickly. I have a feeling I'm going to like being a part of the EZ-B club!

Thanks for the advice everyone and Brent for the great eBay finds! Your eBay Kungfu is much stronger than mine;)

I will probably look more seriously now and try to find a great deal. One of the rules for my wife to get me this EZ-B kit is that my first bot be as "cute" as the one in your vids Sures. I'll be sure to program some testicles into him too though!

I agree with you though that a buy/sell section would be awesome.



Hi together, does anyone know a good source for the ultimate wall-e?


@stibaer i would suggest either eBay or watching our Facebook page for deals that Bret posts.

Also, please do not spam our forum:) You only need to ask once and someone will help you


stibaer.........dude, 800 on ebay....ive been watching ultimate wall-e on cl and ebay.....800 firm.....just make your own like the rest of us.


Thats why I asked for a fair priced source. The prices on ebay for the ultimate wall-e really surprised me. Wasnt the price of the ultimate wall-e new about 190$?


Thx for the info.

What are the differences between the Ultimate Wall-E and the U-Command ?

1.) Ultiamte also moves his hands 2.) Can nip his eyes to show more emotions 3.) Material matel on which parts? 4.) Bigger?


Colin, thats not an ultimate wall e


i think its twice as big, way more detailed.

youtube is your friend.


The wall-e on the youtubelink also doesnt seem to me like the ultimate version. Seems to be only the U-Command.

Got an U-command wall-e for 44$ + 24$ shipping fee = 68 dollar total. What do you think about that price? He is with remote, but without box.


Ordered my Wall-e on the weekend and my EZ-B today! I can't wait to get started! Thanks for the help guys and Bret especially for the Wall-e!