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What Type Of Robot Hands Do Others Recommend

Finishing up a robot project but struggling with useful hands.  I want to be able to pick items up at different angles, move them and put them down.  I tried a complicated hand with 5 servo's. It looks cool but doesn't work very well as a hand. I tried the old robot claws we all know and they work well but are very heavy due to the fact I have 2 HDD servo's one for wrist and one for the claw, so the arm and shoulder servo's struggle to lift the hands let alone an object. 
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a light weight but functional hands that can pick up an object from any angle?
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I haven't built one yet - but i'd like to start using hands similar to the Canada Arm from the space shuttle. It is similar to the iris of a camera lens, by surrounding the object to be picked up. Most people think it's a gripper of sort, but it actually isn't.

It looks like this...

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Great idea, I was thinking more of lifting a Keurig pod to make me a coffee and wasn't as ambitious to try and move satellites around but should the need arise:D
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Hmmm I think for that situation, you'd want the top and bottom finger/gripper to be separated by as much distance as possible. Almost like two clamps a few inches from each other

*Edit: i looked for some photos but couldn't find anything of what i'm thinking. The gripper wouldn't open and close to the left/right. It'd be more like a clamp protruding inline from the arm.
This was my prototype.
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Oh geez - i read kurieg POT not POD - my bad.... ignore my previous comment:D
An alternative, lightweight idea I had was a Lasso style.

User-inserted image
The servo would wind up or release a band which would be pinned at the other end(yellow pin). Move the lasso around the object, wind up the extra band, and away you go!
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No worries @DJ I can get the pod in but cant get it out again so I was reading your post as an idea to extract the pod before the next cup of coffee is made.  Cardboard Hacker your idea is interesting if I can get it over the lip of the pod.  There are 2 grooves either side and I tried pinching it but robot doesn't have height or dexterity.   I am thinking I just need a sharp pointing thing in one hand to pierce top of pod like a spear and just scrape it off with the other hand. when over the bin.

All this for a lousy cup of joe. Although I really want the fetch me a beer and chips bot. 4 min and 25 second mark. Oh in this clip he says Powerful AI Is how he works out what type of door it was (I just thought it was the AR Tag on the ground in front of the fridge.)

Yeah - i wouldn't trust UBTech's marketing jargon about AI. The system uses glyphs to identify features and align it's positioning. The glyph merely execute specific instructions and the robot knows where all the stuff is. Which is why the stuff is placed perfectly each time.

Hats off to UBTech for dreaming big though - it's easy to see when people are faking it, because they can't fake it to people who have the ability to do it:D
UBtect ripped off thousands of people with there robot alfa2.including myself.many didn get there robot,and the ones who got one worked ,
about 2 months and then the server dissepear.they used crowdfunding and ripped off more then one million people.amazing that they ,
are stil making robots.
Is that this one @Nomad  looks like 1 servo for hand and opens and closes all at once. I must admit the 5 servo to control each separate finger is great if you want to learn binary or give someone the finger but practically I wasn't overly impressed and 2 hands chew up 10 ports on my  EZ-B. 
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yes thats the hand,one servo.you can find them on ebay for lot cheaper ,den you have to assemble them yourself.
and you dont have the brackets.the ones in the link are assembled.