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What's On The Horizon?

I curious what hardware / software additions or improvements are in the works for 2013?

Anything exciting on the horizon?


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Boy I wish I could tell you:) but we are all working in a secret lab on something that is really exciting. All I can tell you is the product name is "EZ-Robot Revolution"

It and the add-ons are compatible with the ez-b:)
You can't tell me when it will be available?

Does it have anything to do with an arm / chassis combo?
Come on We wont tell anyone DJ:D

But anyway cant wait to see it when you do let it out of the bag.
I can tell you we will be announcing Revolution in January. That's all I can say:)
Great I have to wait till christmas to get my first EZ-B then have to wait again for Blackberry 10 AND NOW have to wait for the Revolution!

God I am going to be dead from the stress before then. ROFL
Ohhh, looking forward to the revelation of the Revolution:)
The suspense will drive me crazy lol , January? Just knowing what's coming is a late birthday gift lol. My bday is Dec 13 . Or Christmas... i guess that would make it a Birthmasday gift , lol. Keep up the awesome work on the Dark Project!;) - Josh S
United Kingdom
Yeah, I just watched I, Robot again the other day, I'm not a fan of a robot revolution...