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New Zealand
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What Is Their Favourite Thing They Like To Do Using Ez Builder

Hey guys just asking what are your favourite things you like to do using Ez Builder? *confused*;)


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Greetings willgame2! welcome abot(board)..I say that to all new robot builders.:) I think the number one thing that we do is have the robot entertain and amuze, and with the ARC it makes it simple. Really, its only your imagination or lack of passion that will hold you back. There are lots of great builders here who will help when asked politely and will inspire you with their robots/projects. My Showcase project is a "steampunk" robot torso talking head. From the classic B-9 to Jarvis their all here!:)
New Zealand
Hi irobot58 the im doing is im going to a "Terra Nova Rover" based on the Mars Rover Curiosity that is currently on Mars. I just picture in my head this terra nova rover exploring its surroundings and stuff and I really enjoy it.;)
My favorite thing is ARC is scripting. It is just like programming without all the annoying syntax. Object recognition using the camera is my second favorite. Ever since I discover the ability to use custom .xml files for image processing, it have grown into an obsession.
Good questions.

I'm fascinated by machines that do things better than humans. Superhuman robots! I'm also fascinated by complex systems like the 3 body problem and how when you introduce feedback into these systems a self-regulating form of intelligence emerges. Robots with a few senses senses are a great way to demonstrate these concepts in the physical world. Without the ARC these concepts would have needed to remain in my head because it wouldn't have been responsible for me to take the enormous amount of time to learn the complex programming language of other robotic platforms.