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What Is The Shipping Status Of Just The Ezb4 Boards And Cameras?

Ok, just curious...I know the developer's kits have begun shipping and I know the revolution bots are beginning to ship... Just wondering, how about just the boards and cameras?


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@Richard There are few threads on this topic. There are only three people frustrated with the timing but I do have to say, please let us continue working to deliver your product:) The more you distract Jason and Aislinn from their responsibilities of logistics, the longer delay you're adding to your delivery.

Again, I have nothing new to add - We are shipping as fast as we can in order of date priority. We have no method of giving anyone an exact shipping date. I'm certain if I told you there was going to be an additional delay of 1 month to create a shipping schedule system, you would not be pleased.

So the answer is the same:) We will never prevent you from cancelling your order if my answer is not sufficient. If anyone cancels, it simply moves the next person closer to receiving theirs:D


Hey absolutely no worries... Jason never mentioned the boards in the last update so I was just curious where the boards stood in relation to the revolution bots a the developer's kits shipping wise... I have no intention of cancelling...this was just a query.... If I have to wait, I have to wait....

By the way... I never doubted that you would deliver.... After all, I was one of the first ones to order... literally days after revolution was launched....

Cheers Richard


@DJ, the relaxing vacation up at the cabin must be wearing off now that your back. I can read the stress in your post. Maybe you should head back for a long weekend and recapture some of that serenity? ;) We all understand what your going through and appreciate the way you and your team are handling the roll-out of Revaluation. Absolute genius and it truly reflects the way your company runs and the products you provide.

I hesitate to speak for @Richard but I think he was just trying to get a general idea of when the lone boards that are not part of any kit may start shipping. That's a totally different product group then the robots or the kits and nothing has been asked or mentioned about individual parts. I was kinda wondering about this myself but had no real need to ask as I'm in no hurry at all to receive my back order. Most of us EZ Robot followers and supporters (I'm sure Richard is one) are confidante that you guys will be caught up very soon. I sure as heck don't want any of my money back. I want to send more! cool

Keep breathing deep and try to have some fun. We're behind you


Lol, sorry if I sounded stressed. Guess we are running out of ways to say "they're coming and shipping already!"

Here's a sneak peak of the production robots. We are spending the evening on the patio assembling. Notice the wire colors. The notice the servo branding. Notice the quality of the plastics. Notice the transparency of jd's eyes. Notice the awesomeness:)

You'll be getting yours soon!

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Or, how about this one.. Haha

User-inserted image


thank you dj for these very cool pics.i save them. love the new color off the wires. question,how the last robot gonna bruch his teeht?hahaha


Wow, the production bots with those small changes really improves their appearance dramatically.... Who ever thought of the white and black colour scheme on the wiring, very nice idea....

Maybe we need a "What's New" section here on the forum for updating info like shipping, new product announcements and other stuff related to ez robot....

Just like a Visa, alcohol and eBay don't mix, probably beer and questions about ez robot shipping don't mix either.... My apolgies DJ, and thanks Dave....



I pushed real hard for those servo wire colors. They are specific to our servos and manufactured just for us:)


Ahhh...Brand recognition....good thinking... From now on black and white in the world of Robotics is going to be associated with EZ Robot... :)


Those servos look slick against the plastic. Nice job


@Richard, I just got word that my lone v4 board shipped. I placed the order last December 23rd.


@ Richard - be patient - you'll have it soon! I got my shipment today! Well, DHL left a note yesterday, so I left the signed tag and it was on my doorstep today!

@ DJ - I sent you guys a note via the contact form. A small mix-up in contents, but I can get rolling with what I received.:)


Got my V4 and camera today ! Thanks EZ-Robot!

Project Questor 2.0 is now underway.....


Me too, yesterday lol. I put it on my rock crawler with the camera for fun, but now its time to get serious and build my omnibot:D


I got my V4 2 days ago as well, looks like its time for the fun to begin.


@mrocha4242 , now that you received your boards you should change to a big smile on your avatar pic:)


@ jstarne1, I tried but got an error, I guess this will have to do:):):):):):):):)