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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

What Happened To Fred's Photos

All of those bots gave me ideas on how I could use the EZB in many ways.

They must've slipped through the files accidently.





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United Kingdom
I would assume that it was removed due to none of them using the EZ-B (or if any were then I missed them). However I do not know the official reason, there would have been a justified reason though. Probably best not to ask:)
Its kinda weird allright because Fred "claimed " to own 6 or 8 EZ-B's! ? I think even DJ commented that it looked like a good collection
I'm sure it may have been a mistake. Even if they didnt have ez-b currently, some were probably good to get ideas from.
I wouldnt say it's not best to ask but rather better not to assume the worst.
Weird that it disappeared? Maybe EZ-Robot website couldn't host all the pics?

I went to his profile to look up past posts/threads to find it but did not see it.

I enjoyed seeing all the robots for possible builds.

I find it funny that he has over 3600+ posts but yet to post a project to the group?

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United Kingdom
His showcase projects got moved when he became a ghost.

For pretty much all old robots just look on The Old Robots website.
United Kingdom
The checkbox for seeing ghosted members has now been removed from the settings menu at least I cant find it