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Website Search Results

When I do a community subject search the results do not fit the viewport / web browser screen correctly. There is a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the web browser and the search result images are very large. I think your media queries might be messed up. When I scroll to the top of the screen the top fixed bar jumps and becomes incorrectly sized. I am at 100% view port size.


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Um, not sure whats going on. I did another search and it seems to be performing normally. Got me on that one...

United Kingdom

It's always worked fine for me and I use the search feature a lot. What browser were you using?


Was it a specific search query? Sometimes there are long text bits that screw up the layout, and that could cause it. I could fix it if I had an example:)


I can't seem to replicate it. I have never seen that particular behavior on this site before. The browser was chrome and Firefox. I'm currently on another laptop will check my history for the appropriate query string and see if I can replicate it.


That page is pretty wonky. I'll find out why!


It happens to me on mobile occasionally. I cant replicate it on pc...


Well, I fixed all the page-width issues, they will be up whenever DJ pushes the changes:)