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United Kingdom

I dont think the feature has been implimented yet.


Ya it hasn't been completed yet:)


ah thats why i didn get respons.i try the button too. was looking for other belgium people whit a printer. blush

South Africa

I also tryed it there was 2 people in South Africa with a 3 d printer but the button was not working


That is correct, the feature is not completed yet:)



I'm closing the ticket to help the statistics:)

I think it could help a disabled attribute in the Send button in the html page, that way the button will be disabled.

It's a quick fix avoiding the question if the message is sent or not ...

The button will be disabled until the feature is full functional, the next question raised will be why the button is disabled...

Thanks all,


Probably not the right thread but since it's website related, I liked the drop down where you could select 12 or 24 most recent posts. The forums have been booming and if you miss a day, you miss a lot. I count 33 posts displaying now. Is there a way we could bring back the drop down and have it use 12-24-36-48 hours instead? Or, would that be a little too much for the server?


Just press the search button with no text and it default displays the most recent posts:)

United Kingdom

To add... in order of most recent reply rather than the old order of most recent topic:)

Use the check boxes to limit those most recent posts to just Hardware or General or ARC or EZ-Script... you get the idea:)


Good enough for me. Thanks for the tips guys:)


The 3D community printing section is online:)