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Ways To Add Gyro & Accel To ARC

Have a great 21 dof biped robot made of modified inexpensive servo brackets from china. With ezb4 it can dance, do pushups, sit, and respond to questions u ask from a growing script made to simulate A.I. However when it comes to walking forward, a set repeating script limits it to a flat predictable surface. How can a gyro plus accelerometer be added into this equation? I know arduino has code for servo control projects like balancing tables, etc. could you have arduino and ezb4 work together to make this happen with a robot with 18+ servos? or can ezbv4 alone simply accomplish this. I'm sure there are a lot of other projects out there that could be turned 360 with a feature like this.
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There's currently no gyros that are natively supported, but maybe wait around and see if EZ-Robot comes out with their own. However, using a few IR sensors aimed at the ground could be used as a effective way to keep your humanoid upright.

In the mean time, effectively distributing weight throughout the robot can allow it to walk on rougher surfaces without any sensors.
Depending on the accelerometer/gyro there are breakouts on the ez-bv4 for both analog and i2c types. There are 8 ADC ports and 3 i2c ports. We are definitely looking at releasing our own branded and supported sensors but in the meantime feel free to incorporate your own:)
I have a similar project and i use the MMA7361 accelerometer. i use the X,Y,Z as analog input and its working quite well. The walk itself is still making trouble..
Alright , two IR sensors and a MMA7361 accelerometer ordered and on its way. Will try to share some youtube videos if anything produces from this .
Mma accelerometer is your best sensor for this application.

I am working on something that will blow everything else that you've ever seen for walking away:) it used an accelerometer combined with Auto Position control.
I see this post is about 5 years old. Are any IMU available, for EZ-B V4 or EZ-B IoTiny? I have been trying to find hardware that works and how to connect it via i2c.
Hello @WMSTUDIOS, there are a few I2C skills that are designed to communicate with the MPU6050 and MPU9150. Do some searches within the community and you should be able to find out how to hook them up.
Wow DJ that control page is a great bookmark! So many great ideas come from looking at that page!