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Wav Files

Thought I'd ask where I might find some (free) WAV sound files to download? I'm sure there has been many of you that have already gone through this search. Just thought it might save me some search time. BTW......... the ole light bulb ( you know, that one above my head) is finally starting to brighten up. EZ-B is starting to come together for me. In retrospect I think I first approached the learning process with trying to force myself to learn it all, learn it fast!


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What a cool idea

I have always liked the voice of the computer from Colossus: The Forbin Project film calm and menacing but I don't know how you go about getting the phrases I want


Nice!!!! The sound files website is a great idea!!!!!!! I'll be sure to watch it. We're fortunate that there are so many genuinely nice people on this site!!!!!!!


winstn, just email me with the word, such as... "bob" and i will record my voice as a .wav file and upload to my website. i will then convert the .wav to .mp3 and upload the .mp3 to my website. i'm looking into audio editing programs, so that i can take the file and make it sound more robotic or scarey, etc. i may also do text to speech and record that as a robot voice.

temp link for free robot voice files

i will have adult male, adult female, kid male, kid female, robotic male, robotic female, robotic other, and so on (in the future.)

i have not played with the sound section of ARC. i did order me an mp3 trigger board like dj has in one of his videos. do we really need .wav AND .mp3 of the same files?


You can use one free audio editor like Audacity to convert any files to wav


Hey all,

I am an EZ-B new-B. I just got my EZ-B in the mail TODAY (WOOOHOOO) and will be starting a project page soon. (Had things up and running in seconds....great product DJ!) I have been doing home automation for a LONG time. I have a cool thing you all may want to check out for some awesome mp3s!

It is a website hosted by AT&T Labs and their natural voice engines (I use one for my House which I had to buy). You can use this site for private use only! the disclaimer part.

You type in the text and select one of several TTS engines, includes English/Spanish/French/Italian (For you Hexxen!)/German Male/Female. You can play back the TTS and (the coolest part) can download the file you create as a wav file!

Run your wave file through an audio converter to get an mp3 (Use a free program like Audacity w/Lame Encoder).

Now you have some wicked cool customized mp3s for Robot to say through your PC or your mp3 Trigger!



I am looking forward to posting my PRO-JECT soon! Staging parts right now!



That is awesome. The voices are nearly perfect. I will definitely be using that for my project