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Wanted A Full Datasheet For The New Ez-Robot Motor Control

can anybody post a full datasheet for the new motor control. I am wondering what the maximum voltage motors it will be able to handle. I am thinking about pre ordering a few depending on the specifications.

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I thought they were are just generic L298n H-bridges.... Did ez robot get a new model or something?

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All L298n H-Bridges will have the same characteristics as they use the L298n chip. The layout and design may vary between makes but the electronic details remain the same.

Absolute maximum ratings are as follows; Vs = 50v Vss = 7v Vi, Ven = -0.3 to 7v Io = 3A (non repetitive), 2.5A (repetitive) Vsens = -1 to 2.3v Ptot = 25w

Sparkfun host a datasheet here.

There is also a datasheet for the L298n in my Datasheet Repository


I am confused now. that chip has 4 outputs and could drive 5A at 14v if channel in parall ch 1 and 4 or ch 2 and 3. what does ez robot have in their design. can we parallel the outputs for more current? Can I run 3A at 14V on two channels with ch 1 and 4 tied together and ch 2 and 3 tied together? or is the ez robot design different?

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The EZ-Robot 2.5A Motor Controller is the same as every other 2.5A Motor Controller which uses the L298n chip.

It's a two channel 2.5A motor controller based on the L298n chip which is a 2 channel 2.5A h-bridge, not 4 channel.

In theory you could run 1 motor by putting channel 1 and channel 2 in parallel however you would need to ensure that both channels are only enabled in the same direction and at the same speed to avoid damage.


@antguru... EZ Robot doesn't have a specialty designed l298n motor control. They are using basically the same "dime a dozen" H-Bridges that's all over eBay....


Here is ST electronics manufacturer page for the l298n

Also digi keys page product page with manufacturer cross reference.

The outputs intended for 2 motors are referred to as channels because they are reversible and you can also induce a high frequency drive through pulsing the enable pin.

Looking at the data sheet the l298n doesn't have a internal bridge to combine to channels so you must manually wire one motor in parallel. Like Rich mentioned that means testing that both sets of channels are the same polarity with a meter before wiring your project together to avoid the sudden death of your H bridge. If I can recommend any brand it would be sparkfun, because they over build the unit with larger components to protect the H Bridge from damage , but they cost more. The H bridge still works great and provides savings over the sparkfun. It really comes down to price your willing to pay and if you can wait for it.

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