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Want To Use Image Buttons As Real Time Indicators

Good Afternoon,

I am building a program where I am using all 24 Digital Inputs to monitor relay contacts. I would like to build a "GUI" using the Mobile Interface. How can I, or what can I use to show real time changes using a picture of red or green? Can I use the image button?

Any and help is appreciated! WayneA

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That is not supported in ARC mobile. Your option is to display word values with script labels.

Otherwise, creating your own mobile app using the sdk.


Does anyone in the community have any knowledge on how to assist me? If possible?



Are you familiar with development and/or visual studio c# ?

mobile application i presume is for an android, apple/ios only app store or licensed developers.


I am not familiar with anything.


I thought Anonthy XLRobots figured out how to do that?

With script labels I would assume you could change the color of the text, between red and green?


There is no control over mobile element styles programmatically. This can be considered for a future release. In the meantime, the solution is to use a Script Label, which can display text programmatically.



you can do something like this:

User-inserted image

more than that only with a custom application.


So if I understand it correctly, you want a GUI with 24 buttons, displaying on/off ?


@DJ Thank you for your prompt response.

@ptp Thank You for the suggestion. I have already done that, the boss said no.

@phg Not a clickable button, but a button yes, that I assign a picture to, based on the status of the code I give it.

When you click the image button the button changes. That's part of the software, I understand that. I had originally thought this could be done, based on the searches I found in the forums. I did not see any initial code to help me get started.

The project is to monitor 21 lights. They all have dry relay output contacts. I was going to use the EZB and all ports to monitor the device that controls the lights. Since the light controller was made in the 1960's and after months of research, I found the EZB the easiest and simplest way to do this. So far so good, until I ran into the snag of the display GUI that I am trying to design. But no harm no foul.

I will have to tell the boss man that this is the best we can do for now. There is always room to upgrade.


Wayne, I will consider adding a mobile feedback feature as you requested. I can see it being useful for a few scenarios.

Tell the bossman that ezrobot will eventually have that ability in a few weeks or so.


@ptp With your permission may I use your idea?

@DJ Thank You! I know both the boss and myself will be most appreciated. Since the light monitoring system will be shared with another company via the built in web page - awesome by the way. I still have a lot more work to do. What is the best way to contact you directly DJ? The forum? Do you have an email address?



Stay tuned for ARC future updates that may be relevant to your feature request. I have no timeline associated with feature requests.



off-course, no issues, we are here to help & share & learn.


Question Please: Whenever use GetDigitial Port 20,21,22 , the end result is always a 1. I have nothing tied to the ports. The Ezb is just running, and my PC is connected to it. What is the cause of this?



When you perform a read over an unconnected pin, you will get floating values, can be alternating between zero and one, always one, always zero.

Nothing wrong with your ezb. If you want to test the theory, connect GND to ports 20,21,22 and you will get always zero.


Also, note there is a 5v limit to the digital logic pins. If you provide too much current to the logic pins, it will damage the ezb and those pins will stop working correctly. Please consult the datasheet of the ezb for voltage limits.

You will find the datasheet in the ezb course:



What is the status of this feature being added mentioned in this thread?

Thanks Wayne


Still on the todo list - as mentioned, there's no timeline for this request. Stay tuned:D