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Want To See Dj Flip For Joy

As the orders roll out the door and the backlog of back orders quickly dwindle I know everyone at EZ Robot have got to be feeling a wave of relief and pride. They have done an outstanding job of bringing us common folk one of the most advanced, ez to use and industry changing robot control systems ever developed. What an amazing achievement and all designed, manufactured and in shipping status in just over a short year! To add to this it's everything @DJ and the gang said it would be and more. I'm stunned but not really surprised. EZ Robot has always been an innovative, hard working, friendly and honest group of people that seem to want to do anything they can to help us build the robot of our dreams and make us feel like family. Thanks guys and gals at EZ Robot. I'm very proud to have been around these past couple of years to watch your progress, successes and your growing pains.

I have a simple request: When the last pre-order rolls out the door I'd love to see a video of @DJ do a cartwheel or two. A group cartwheel of all the staff would be even better!:D:);)


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@David well said. I would like to say thanks to all EZ Robot associates too.

I would hope DJ treats each employee well with nice hefty bonuses come xmas time, for doing all this work. That to me is the true test of a good company.