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Wall-E Question Quick

here's the notepad info:

The Real Wall-e without Script Manager

Camera Power: D1
ModifiedServoMovementPanel: D13, D14
Left Arm: D8 (low 8, high 36)
Right Arm: D9 (low 56, high 28)
Left Eye: D15
Neck Horizontal: D6 (center 32, 50, 20)
Head Vertical: D7 (center 35, high 44, low 24)
Ping: (Trigger d2, response d3)

What is the left eye servo? theres head vertical and horizontal so it cant be them.

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I don't have ARC available right know, so i cannot test the example you're referring to. But if I remember well, Left Eye: D15 do not refer to a servo but to a Digital Trigger for the Camera, which is hidden in the left eye of wall-e.
yea i took a look at his scripts(which was confusing) and started assuming that.

Thanks though
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When you open the project you should see a digital on/off control for D15 or a servo control for D15. I assume it's a digital on/off for the signal to the camera.

If there is an Init script I would expect there to be a Set(D15, on) command in there, if there is then it confirms it's a digital on/off for the camera.