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Wall-E Movement Panel= Board To Get Too Hot.

I finished the tracks on my wall-e. I configured the Movement Panel to run him. I hav 2 arm servos(pluged in but not moving) and the 2 track-driving servos. I pressed forward and it didn't work. the servos weren't making any noise and the tracks weren't moving. I looked in to check that they were plugged in right(they were) and something smelt hot. I accidentally touched the heat sink and was surprised by how hot it was! the battery was wired right and the adapter that plugs in was hot too! The blue LED was pulsing but not all the way off like normal. it was going full brightness, half brightness, full brightness, ect.

Can I get any help?


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You have your wires shorted or backwards somewhere. Triple check your wiring.


I did and its all good. when I get back to him ill plug everything back in a triple check the wiring.

What would cause it to get so hot?

What temperature does an ez-b with 4 servos plugged in run at normally?


Hot is bad. If it's almost to hot to touch this is very bad. It means short or overload. If it happens quickly like you write then almost certainly it's miss-wired or shorted. This has happened to me a couple times and it always traced back to miss-wiring. I bet you have a power connection attached to a ground. You can burn out you regulator if you keep it powered up like this. Also check the back and front of the board to see if there is any wires or other garbage that may be laying across traces or pins. Also see that you haven't mounted the board so it is shorting it's self or anything else out.

The heat sinks can be warm but never too hot to touch. Mine run cool most of the time and I have lots plugged in. They only get a little warm when everything is working but never too hot to touch.

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I've never had hot regulators on my EZ-Bs.

Like Dave said, it's probably a short... This could be a short inside a servo too. Unplug it all, connect things 1 at a time, see what happens.


Are you just using servo extensions? Make sure all plugs are plugged in correctly and if you've doubled any up that they are connected the same.

Yes, Rich gives good troubleshooting advice. Hook up one at a time but turn off the power each time you hook another one up.


I did have a lot of wires balled up in there. it could be that those wires made a bridge for the current to get across the pins. I will take photos of the setup before I run it again(15 mins or so) so stay on this post.


I found one problem. I plugged the left track into the gnd plug in between d13 and d14.



maybe one of your sevos is shorted on the inside? try with one servo at a time and watch the temperatue.

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Something is weird with my project file.

I pressed forward and it went backward. I ticked the use box and it still went backwards. I pressed stop and they kept going but very slow. the left track went slow forwards and the right track went slow backwards. I really want to know whats happening!

What have other people configured the Movement Panel values as?


How many servos are you working with here. I've not looked at what it thake to make the Wall-e's tracks move. If more then one then you may have the wrong pin assignes to the wrong direction in the movement panel. I dont use the movement panel, my servo uses a script but I do know there are settings for speed.


The track movement with movement panel.

Movement panel------left track-------Right track forward========backwards====backwards left===========forwards=====backwards------turns right Right=========backwards=====Forwards-------turns right Backwards======forwards======forwards

if I check the use box it doesn't change. D13=left track D14= Right track


ping distance is reversed too. nothing in front =255 hand right in front= 7

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Ping distance is the correct way around in that case. It measures distance, so if you hand was 7" infront of it then it would report 7, if it was 200" it would report 200 (assuming it's a 1" resolution). IR work the other way around, proximity, the closer you are the higher the value.

I don't use the modified servo panel for my testbot, I used the custom one and set the servos to suit since I had 4 servos. If you struggle with the modified servo panel just use custom and set the scripts to move the servos in the correct directions.