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Wall-E Autonomous(Think Thats How To Spell It)

I would like to know how wall-e in dj's video moved autonomous-ly. Using his wall-e example file how do you activate this?

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It's been a while since I looked at DJ's file. Most of us use the ultrasonic
distance sensor that comes with the EZ-Robot kit. It scans and detects
objects within a certain range. When an object is detected you can
program to reverse/turn (left/right) until it is free and clear of the object.
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As @Lumpy said, although this way will basically give you a "wall bouncer".

For extra "personality" there is the personality generator which basically picks a random script to run at random intervals set in the settings. This gives the robot a sense of free will. The moving and avoiding objects can be part of that but throw in some random head movements, arm movements, sound bytes etc. and it gives it a bit more life.
thanks so personality generator would be the way to control autonomous?
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Really, you don't control autonomous. The whole meaning of autonomous is to emulate free will, which really is not controlled as such.

But yes, the personality generator is a good way to emulate free will within a robot but you will also need the scripts or controls set up which perform the actions such as a roaming script with object avoidance, scripts to make the robot dance, whatever seemingly random acts.

You can write all the scripts in the script manager and then use the ControlCommand() to start it from personality generator, or you can write the scripts in the personality generator. I always write mine in the script manager so they can be accessed by other scripts easily or run manually.