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Wait For Color, Wait For Face & Wait For Glyph In ARC Mobile?


I was using RoboScratch in my mobile application and noticed the Wait for Color, Wait for Face, Wait for Glyph don't appear to work in mobile ARC application.

Seems I read in one of the threads that Wait for Color works on Mobile Device using RoboScratch but not Wait for Face, or Wait for Glyph detection. Am I correct or all wet?

Seems I also read somewhere that speech recognition and video tracking and recognition don't work in the mobile app due to the amount of processor power required to do these tasks. Even to detect the color of red. Would this be correct or again am I all wet. I think this statement is probably correct?

Thanks Much,
Rick Bonari


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A point of clarification. You probably did read that those features were not implemented, but DJ is constantly adding features. They were a relatively recent addition to the mobile apps (a few months ago).


Thanks for the update. I trained the the robot to recognize the color red in ARC pc and it works good.

I powered the pc down and went to the mobile app and tried the wait for red block in RoboScratch on my cell phone and it didn't work.

When you power the laptop down I assume that after power up you have to retrain to recognize color, etc.

For the wait for color (red) to work on the cell phone mobile app do you need to do the training in the mobile app? Is it necessary to have the pc or laptop powered up in ARC for the color recognition to work on mobile app?

Thanks again...Rick B.
Yes, the laptop must always be on and running ARC.


Yes, the laptop must always be on and running ARC.
not correct. Mobile app is independent of ARC on PC.

Not sure about the training on the mobile app. I think if you train on the PC it will keep the training on mobile, but I admit I haven't used mobile much.

Rboni. I believe you're using the incorrect tracking method. I'm guessing that you have taught the robot a custom color and you may have named it red, or banana, or chicken, or anything because the name is irrelevant.

Using the word "training" leads me to believe the training was a custom color - not a basic predefined color.

The color tracking of "wait for color" uses the basic color tracking. Use the "color", not "custom multi color". A custom multi color is an arbitrary definition that you, as a user, define. The robot is not a human or have the capabilities to distinguish your custom color from a predefined color "red". For example, you could have called that color "house" or "penguin", but the robot had absolutely no idea that is an association.

Visit the camera's manual page in ARC and or hover over the question mark on the software to read about color tracking types. The basic color tracking with three predefined colors is what you want. You can fine tune the brightness for your selected color using that method, save to the cloud, update app on mobile, use it. Here's a link to the camera device manual: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=80

1) on camera device, select color tracking checkbox only
2) switch to color tab on camera device
3) hold object in front of camera and adjust brightness and select the appropriate color so only it is adjusted. Be in a well lit environment.
4) connect to the Internet and save your project to the ezcloud
5) now on your mobile device, browse your apps from the ezcloud and locate your app. Select it for "download and install"
6) connect your mobile app to the robot and use RoboScratch

For more information on how to create a mobile app, here's a tutorial activity: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/68?courseId=6

The misunderstanding between yourself and the robot is an assumption that the robot understands:)
Sry, my bad. Thanks for correction.


Sry, my bad. Thanks for correction.

Easy to get confused. It is a complex system with lots of different types of interactions..... And you are right that the EZ-B needs SOME kind of computer, it just can be a mobile one within the limits listed above.

Thanks to everyone ! I will give it a try again. I was using the basic color recognition (red). I may need to go thru the procedure again that DJ mentioned earlier and try again.

One thing I was wondering is that if I properly train in ARC pc and upload from cloud to cell phone and then power the pc down do the training settings stay with the mobile device app? I would assume they do. For it to work properly on mobile app with pc shut down it seems that the lighting conditions would have to match pretty much the conditions that it was originally trained with. Would this be a correct assumption? Thanks again....Rick B.
All settings in a project are saved with a project. For example, if you select a color and brightness and save the project, those values are saved as well.

Yes that is a correct assumption. The idea of saving a document on a computer will save the state of the document - same applies to a project. The save button will save the configuration of the project.

In my instructions, I explained that you will also need to update the app manually on mobile. Merely saving the project on your PC to the ezcloud does not mean the app is updated on your mobile. You have to manually update the app on mobile. This can be done by pressing the update apps button on ARC mobile main screen or by reinstalling the app.

Lastly, there is no need to shut down the PC. Simply pressing disconnect in ARC, or closing ARC is enough.

Revisit the edits to my previous post - I provided step by step instructions.
Thank you DJ, that helps a whole bunch ! Rick B.

In RoboScratch with the mobile app when you use the camera: take picture block, wher does the picture get stored on your cell phone?

I assumed it was stored in the picture gallery, however I don't find it there?

Thanks much, Rick B.
Not sure on android - it'll be not in the gallery, but in the photos folder. There isn't a standard android library for that, and has to be specific per device. There's too many devices so we store it in the pictures folder.

You can always check the application log to see if there are any errors attempting to save the picture due to permissions.
Thanks DJ. I found it in my download pictures folder....Rick B.