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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Volume Sound To Low


how do i set the volume higher in a script.for the ezbv4.
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lets not be rude by calling names.
i took a pic to see we are talking about the same volume.

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@Nomad look farther down the script commands for SetVolume not speakVolume they are two different commands
@Nomad... here... and I was being sarcastic about calling DJ a liar... Stop taking things so literal will ya' dude... sheesh...
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ok found it,try it ,still very low.

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do i have to make the sound first whit ezbv4 soundcard?
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Volume can go to 200.

RichardR Should have been given credit for resolving this (EZ-Robot, if possible please can you change it).

If you still have low volume then you have a quiet sound file or you need to use an external amplifier and better speaker.
@Richard, it can be frustrating when others get credit for your work. It's happened to me a few times. No biggie though, there's always there's always another three bucks around the corner. ;) It's obvious to all you had the right answer.

In Wisconsin we call that being "Burked". Referring to the recent Governors race where the challenger stole most of her ideas for her Jobs Plan from other people and said right out they were her ideas. Funny thing was most all the ideas came from past candidates of loosing Campaigns. :P
@Dave... @Rich... you're right, it's no biggie and Rich didn't Burk me LOL.... I don't mind helping nomad... Just wish he would listen more...:P

@Rich... I just realized overdrive does go to 200 not 150 as the example I gave...

Cheers guys
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I just found out what it is really, you're only 10 away from the 100 milestone!

It happens, it's happened to me but on the flip side, I've gotten credit where it wasn't due too. I'm going to have to stop conforming things or clarifying things until after it's marked resolved though:)
nomad18.08 HERE is a link to a free download program that you can use to increase the volume of any mp3 file.

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United Kingdom
Or use Audacity (which I use a lot for other stuff). It can help avoid clipping and other unwanted effects too if you get to know the filters.
@Rich... sweet! only 224 to catch up to you... and that's assuming you quit solving questions....:P

@Doc... actually, nice find!
thank you all guys.


i get you 3 bucks.
@nomad.. Ha, Ha for you, that's 3 Euros dude...:P To be honest, I would be happy if when you ask for help you really try and listen so it doesn't take 20 plus posts to get to a solution for you... :)
robot doc
it works.

do you know i read avery post 3 to 4 times,and still not be able,
to understand.i just dont have it,but i try.
found another way to get better sound and louder too.
i use swifttalker set volume high.then i make it higher with,
the mp3 volumer.also there is room for a speaker in jd head.backside.
i connect that straigh in the ezb.do this only when you are a good ,
at soldering.i found this robot but its a litlle empty,no cam or rgb.
you can ad.but it would fit an ezb.so here a little video with,
sound not at highest level.

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User-inserted image


What robot is it? It looks very good.

Where did you get the neat 'armor' or uniform for it?

Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

its an alpha 1 S from ubtech.sold at banggood.com 460 euro+54 chipping,
belgium.i june alpha 2 comes out. 1200 euro.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

it has a full alu frame.you can charge batt while programming the robot.

there is allreddy an app for adroid or ios.


Can you create a video of the robot walking forward, back, rotating left & right.

I would love to get ideas to improve the JD.
here the video

its a c-type robot