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Voice Recognition Was Not Able To Start

"Voice recognition was not able to start. There is either no listening device or your operating system is not supported" That's the message I get when I try to add speech recognition.

I can record sounds using the microphone function and sound servo also works, so I assume there is a listening device?

When I quit speech recognition, I get a message saying that "The index is out of reach"

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? OS is Windows 7 professional.

Thanks in advance!


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United Kingdom

Which language is your voice profile set to (in Windows Control Panel)? I believe it needs to be set to English (EN-US) unless this has since been changed in ARC.


I did some searching and If I'm not mistaken, I can't switch to EN-US in Windows Professional. I'd have to upgrade to Windows Ultimate, which will set me back 135 Euro's. If that's the only way to get voice recognition to work, it would be a major bummer!


micropuller am from belgium same error.and there no download or upload for it.



After some more searching I found out that downloading extra languages (for free) is also possible in Windows 8. Luckily, I had another laptop that's running Windows 8. I downloaded and installed the necessary files and set up speech recognition. It's working fine now, thanks for the tip, Rich!


could this work also for win7? rich


You can only download different languages if you have Windows 7 Premium or Ultimate. You can upgrade your Windows 7 version, but it will cost you (as stated, I'm running Windows 7 Professional on my other computer and the upgrade would cost me 135 Euro's)


Stop buying humanoids nomad.... jeez you have enough of them...... and get yourself cheap Win8 tablet...:P


i dont like win8

all these robots are for sail in belgium to get people more interest in robotics. i got a friend who wants to by a bioloid when he can affort it. from that i by a win7 ultimate englich version.also the watsh wij remote. and the glases.yep i want the complete ez produckt. later the rolli and six.:D


Have you ever used Win8? I used to dislike it too, but after getting my Windows 8.1 PC... I find it far superior to Windows 7... For one thing speech recognition works right out of the box... no training required... My computer recognizes my voice equally as well as my girlfriends voice with about a .97 (consistently) accuracy within ARC...I think most people who dislike Win8 are people that don't really know anything about it....


yes i used a win8.but duch versions have no voice recognition.