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Voice Recognition &Amp; Downloading Music To Jd &Amp; Six

I have both JD & Six. I have both of them working with the help of the EZ Robot Tutorials. Now I would like to move forward with making my own Program for both, Voice Recognition for them & being able to download music to them! I have ipad & iphone so I understand that maybe some of these features will not work. Where do I go about finding instructions on how to do all these things. I have seen in the program some of the commands in writing your own program but I have never seen anything on voice recognition & downloading music! I would appreciate any help on this matter! Thanks.


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To be clear you don't download anything to JD or Six or any other robot that uses the ezb.... All files including sound and music stay on your PC or mobile device... What you do to play music through JD or Six is to use the SoundBoard EZB or SoundBoard PC control... Then you create a voice command in speech control to play the music tracks of your choice...

  1. Add SoundBoard EZB to your project
  2. Add Speech recognition to your project
  3. Add the music or sound files of your choice to the SoundBoard control
  4. In the speech rec control add "cheat sheet" commands to play the song (track number) that you want when you speak a command to do so....

Thanks Richard. I wasn't thinking about everything staying on the computer but that makes sense. The big problem I am having with the EZ Robots is that 1st my Dell computer would not connect JD so I bought a new computer. Now, my iphone will not work with the Robots. I bought these Robots so I could take them around & show people how they work but that is not happening because first you have to be around Wifi & second I have to carry my computer around because I don't have a laptop.


Is your iPhone updated to the most recent OS? Have you downloaded the lasted EZ Mobile version from here as well? See this thread starting at post #13...Mobile IOS update


What model is your phone? There's no reason a compatible iOS device won't work with your robot.:)

As for adding new features. When you load ARC, there's a window that tells you to press the question mark for help. It's hard to miss. It's also at the beginning of the tutorials and mentioned often. If you add a new control, press the ? (Question mark) next to the X (close). It will tell you how to use that control.

Also, the tutorials for JD and six do explain how to load an MP3 and make a dance routine. You can find the tutorials by pressing the Learn button and selecting your robot.

If you need links to the tutorials, let me know.:)

The title of the music tutorial is "your first dance"


Thanks Richard & DJ. I'll check everything out. I would like to stay interested in these Robots so I can get them to do some amazing things!


The best way to stay interested is to learn as much as you can... The more you learn, the more you want to learn...:)


I'm 60 years old but a kid at heart! Thanks.


@michaelc Ha, ha 60... even better you have the time now when you retire...:)


You don't retire in America! No good medical Insurance!


85% of Canadians have little or no savings and will have to work into their golden years too... Many of us baby boomers in Canada have been living way beyond our means.... So it's not just in America my friend....


Also, you don't have to be around a WiFi network to connect your robot to your computer. Please ezb into Access Point mode and connect directly over your computers wifi.

From the tutorials: The EZ-B v4’s integrated Wi-Fi has an embedded webserver, DHCP server (for access point mode) and configurable connection modes. The Wi-Fi connection will also use B/G/N modes with WPA, WPA2 and WEB security. When the Reset Button is pressed, the network settings will be reset to the default configuration.

Web Server To configure the Wi-Fi settings, the EZ-B v4 webserver can be accessed by your web browser. If the EZ-B v4 is in Access Point Mode, the default web address will be If the EZ-B is in Client Mode, you will use the IP Address that ARC has detected (i.e. http://<ip address=).