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Jd - V3 Or V4 Controller?

I bought JD when he first came out! I am seeing some v3 v4 controller info. Has EZ-Robot already changed to a v4? How can I tell if mine is the v3 or v4? Does the v3 still work with all the program upgrades? Thanks.

Selling Jd Six

I bought JD Six brand new they are both in like new condition. I have a few extra parts for JD. I am wanting to sell JD Six was wondering what might be the best place to sell them what kind of price I should ask? E-Bay has only one new JD one new Six for sell! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Voice Recognition Downloading Music To Jd Six

I have both JD Six. I have both of them working with the help of the EZ Robot Tutorials. Now I would like to move forward with making my own Program for both, Voice Recognition for them being able to download music to them! I have ipad iphone so I understand that maybe some of these features will not work. Where do I go about finding...

Six Jd Losing Wifi Connection From A Distance

I have always had limited Wifi Connection since I received JD. I recently bought Six it also has limited Wifi Connection. Both work fine close to my router but last night I moved both in another room to show friends both started. Then, Six quit JD went crazy! I am assuming that I lost Wifi on Six I dont have a clue why JD did what he did! I...

Parts For Your Products?

I have a stripped Left Foot white plastic piece on JD. This piece fits on the Left Ankle Servo attaches to the Left Foot. This piece has a big hole on one side that swivels on a peg the other side attaches to the Left Foot Servo. I ordered the whole Left Leg from you to get this piece Mr. Lin from China I am assuming sent me the whole Right Leg...


Ordered Left foot ankle for JD received the Right foot ankle! Whoops!

Separate Forums For Jd, Roli Six

I wish there was a section specially for the people who have bought the new products in JD, Roli Six. I am very confused in a lot of the community forums on other robot info. I do not have any robotic background so trying to understand how to program my JD is a very challenging experience!

Plastic Piece On Left Foot Servo Is Wallowed Out Is Just Spinning On Servo Gear

Finally after dealing with my HP computer that would not pick up the EZB-v4 , I bought a new Dell computer that JD would work on! He is amazing but in doing some already programmed procedures from you, JD fell off the table wallowed out the plastic that attaches to his left foot so I am down until I can get a replacement part! DJ, your products...
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