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Voice Recognition

May i know if it is possible for voice recognition to work from mobile? like speaking to the phone and the robot would be able to receive the command.


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It's the plan, but we haven't found a solution yet that does not require an Internet connection.


hello DJ sures, may i ask if the robot is able to work on its own using voice recognition command itself? Rather than using ARC or mobile app to control it.



This requires additional permissions from the end user during installation to use , however Android 4.2 and above has a speech recognition that the keyboard uses to "voice type" , it requires hitting a button to "record audio" and then uses a confidence modifier to match words to the library.

Maybe you can utilize the library for speech to text to fill a input field for "voice command". This can be done without Internet access.


@ezrobot3... The ezb4 and ezb3 requires connection to your PC or Android device at all times in order to function...


The new mobile controls are awesome! Any news on mobile voice commands? I would love to use a Bluetooth headset with my iPhone for voice commands that I can toggle in the mobile app.

@DJ Sures - Thank you for this awesome product!


Thank you:)

I started looking into speech recognition for mobile last week. No clear update yet, but there's a few promising options. I have no clear timeline as I'm in exploratory stage at the moment reviewing options.


That's great news! Can't wait to get that integrated into my R2 mobile app.