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Visual Show Automation Support?

Can the EZB be controlled via VSA?
Visual Show Automation

It seems like they should be able to communicate. I'm just curious if anyone has used VSA with the EZB before? Thanks!


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Along these lines, what are the addresses for the digital ports on the board? VSA needs a COM port, an address on the board, and a + and - value for the servo. Any ideas?
What are you exactly trying to do? Make a controller control another controller?:P
No, I'm looking to control the EZB with the VSA software. VSA has a visual linear timeline that allows you to line up events (like servo movement) with an mp3 or video. Also, VSA has servo ramping which allows me to control the speed at which a servo moves from position to position.

ARC has been great so far, but it has been hard for me to line up servo movements with the audio file I'm using.
Is your audio file a wav? If so, you can trigger your audio file in the top of your script with this command..


controlcommand("soundboard", track_1)

(or whatever track you want to play)

Then you can start your servo movement commands and sleep commands... It will be perfectly aligned each time. Hopefully I'll have time to do the joystick recording idea shortly.

Or maybe I just need a time line:)
Thats actually what I was doing. But lining up the jaw movement on the skull with the words of the wav file is proving to be difficult. I replaced the sequence so many times that I burnt out my jaw servo.

I would love to have visual time line of the wav file itself so I can line up the jaw movements with the wave amplitudes.

VSA also analyzes the wav file and automatically aligns events based on wave amplitude.

Is it possible to designate a com port and then the specific servo position on the EZB board and control it that way, or does the EZB not allow that type of connection? i.e. all commands have to be written to a specific protocal like what I see in the EZ-SDK.

I realize my project is very specific and a unique use of what is really a robot controller.

Thanks for all of your help.
Sounds like what you need is to use the SDK DLL . You could research on Code Project for code examples on reading WAV files for amplitude.

The protocol connected to the EZ-B is very specific. I've optimized it a great deal to be effecient and fast.

If all you care about is moving the servo on WAV amplitude, let me see if I can whip something up. It shouldn't be too tough:)
My other issue is servo ramping or the speed at which a standard servo moves. Currently, when moving from on position to the next, it moves as fast as the servo will go. This doesn't give me a very natural movment. Is there a way currently, to control the speed of a standard servo? Thanks for all of your help.

VSA has a free demo available if you want to download it fast to take a look at how they do it.

VSA Demo
I know how it's done on the microcontroller. I've just never had the time to implement yet. I sadly wont' be implementing support for another software program. I barely have enough volunteers to support what we already have:)

I'll add servo speeds to the list of to-do items. In the meantime, I've been working on some other modules + my day job:D

I should post a list of the to-do items i have lol. I sometimes wonder when i'll have time to sleep haha
lol We all truly appreciate every bit of your help!
United Kingdom
I second that comment cjmekeel:)
I didn't sleep last night. I was inspired. All I have left is the setting the servo position. I know what the control will look like, it will be a few more days till it's done:)

But the new soundboard has infinite mp3 and wav files also.

Anyhow, this is a screenshot of the new Sound Script control:)

User-inserted image
Unbelievable! I couldn't imagine any other "company" with customer service like this! We make crazy "demands" and they are answered imediately.

This is fantastic. That will help me out tremedously with my project.

VSA is an $80 program and it looks like ARC is going to have the same basic functionality for FREE. Looks like I can use that money to buy another EZB.

Thanks again. This is amazing.
DJ Sures Here is a batch of internet cookies, enjoy; and thanks for putting more features into the ARC.

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Awh thanx guys, that is really nice of you:)