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Victor 883

Has anyone used the EZ-B to control a Victor 883 Speed Controller? I have two of them I want to use to control the speed of two wheelchair motors. I was originally controlling the Victors with a standard Spectrum DX6 R/C transmitter and receiver. The manual says that it is controlled with a PWM signal. However, it does not have enable pins like on a H-Bridge.



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I says it's PWM controlled so it wont have enable pins.

PWM of 0% would be full speed in one direction, PWM of 100% would be full speed in the other direction and PWM of 50% would be stop. This is after correct calibration for the above values.

It's basically a one wire single motor controller which acts like a modified servo as far as control is concerned.


Thanks for responding Rich.

So I would just use the Modified servo Movement control to steer with? Speed and steering control can be controlled with scripting.

Will it be difficult to set it up so I can use a joystick for control?

Can you suggest some basic scripting examples to get me started?



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It should be easy to set up. Think of them as Modified Servos.

You should be able to use the modified servo movement panel.

Don't forget to calibrate them, it looks simple in the user guide. Hold the button, move the joystick all the way one way, move it the other way, back and forth a few times then centre and let go of the button.

Rather than move the joystick you can add a modified servo control and hit forward & reverse a few times then stop to stop it... I imagine. If not I could write a very simple calibration script for you... you know what, I will anyway:)

# Victor Calibration Script

# Set servo port
$servoport = "D0"

Print("Beginning Calibration on port " + $servoport)
SayEZB("Beginning Calibration on port " + $servoport)

Print("Please hold the calibration button")
SayEZB("Please hold the calibration button in")

$countdown = 3
RepeatUntil($countdown = 0)
$countdown = $countdown-1

$x = 0

RepeatUntil($x = 5)
# Move to one extreme
Servo($servoport, 0)

# Move to other extreme
Servo($servoport, 180)


Servo($servoport, 90)

Print("Calibration Complete")
SayEZB("Calibration Complete")

Print("Please release the calibration button")
SayEZB("Please release the calibration button")


Thanks Rich! I will try this out this weekend and let you know how it turns out. Time to give Questor 2.0 some better mobility and speed. :P Once I get this working and get the arms that I am having printed, I will start a new showcase for Questor 2.0

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Let me know how it works out. More so the countdown which was just me showing off really;)


Thanks Rich for helping with this. As usual I have been delayed in being able to thoroughly test things due to life's little surprises tired I did hook everything up and I could not get the Victor 883 to go through a calibration. And it does not appear that the Victor 883 responds correctly to the PWM control or the Modified servo control. More testing needs to be done. I will get back to testing as soon as I can.


I am marking this as resolved because it will take a while longer for me to work on this and EZ-Robot keeps sending emails that it has not been resolved.

Thanks Rich for helping. I will get back to it when I can.


Hi everyone,

A friend and I are in high school and we built a bigger version of JD but with a two wheel drive (instead of the legs and their servos) for our graduation project. To control the wheels we're using two IFI Victor 884 speed controllers. These Victors are being connected to the I/O board with PWMs.

We want to script it so that when we tell it to go forward/back/right/left (say, we hit the arrow keys in the Auto Position panel in the ARC IDE), it does that. We don't have a joystick at the moment, we just have the computer controls and the mobile app controls.

It seems like a relatively simple task, but we're not sure how to go about it - using the PWM ports that the Victors are connected to, to move the two wheels in a direction. Could any of you help us out with some starting examples for this process? Also, we would input this code into the Init panel, right? Are there any sources we could take a look at for help?

Tomorrow we're going to try some of the things mentioned earlier in this thread to see if they will work. Thank you so much in advance.