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Vex Motors

Hello everyone!

Quick question, I have some used 2 wire Vex servos and some 3 wire vex servos, is there away to connect them to an ezb v3 directly or do I need an h bridge to use them?

I looked around but couldn't see an answer.

Cheers Shaun Toomey


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I am a big Vex guy... You'll need an H bridge, Sabertooth or another motor controller to use the 2 wire motors... I use them with my ezbs and a sabertooth motor controller... they work perfectly... The 3 wire servos will virtually plug and play like any other servo... You'll just need a servo ext wire to connect the servo to the EZB3 board....


So when I use the 3 wire motors plugged into the ezb v3 they don't seem to work. I am using a servo extender cable, I have tried to different ezb boards but no luck. I am using 5 aa batteries to power the ezb. Am I doing something wrong or are these motors shot?



I am using vex for movement for my JD's car im building. here is a configuration that works.

I am finding the 90 and 10 settings work well with low power. values under that may make the servos too weak to move your robot.

Not the use box is not checked.

This is working with my vex 3 wire modified servo

User-inserted image


Let me know how it goes.. also I am using 6 AA Batt not 5 , the vex are very week if underpowered.


Thanks hippiegeek, those settings did the trick. I will also have to use 6AA as they are weak with this little power.



haha to bad you had already marked this solved. :(

but glad to help. I am using the vex stuff to build a car for jd to drive in since he will walk slow. Im using the NXT system to make a seqway for him ..i am hoping he can drive the seqway by leaning and not have to control it. but the car is a bit more complex and would need to be connected to ez b software .