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Very Simple Claw

Hi... During my experiments to transform everyday hardware in robot pieces, I came up with the need to build a very simple hand... Something. After trying a few desings, I created these very afordable ones, tha I would like to share with you...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Later I'll post a simple how to... Tevans


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really cool! Very wicked

I'll add Tutorial status to this post once it contains some tutorial information


The clear three finger is exactly what I would like to use. When you get a chance could you post some more pictures and info. Thank you


Hi... while I'm putting together a video, here some pics of where I started from...

first some draft just to get into idea.. User-inserted image

then I used a vector design software (idraw, corel draw, etc) to draw some parts, print on a piece of paper, and use it as mold to cut on balsawood... just to feel it in 3d.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

once I decided witch parts would work better, I had it cut from a sheet of 2mm acrilic

User-inserted image

some superglue.. spray paint, a microservo (and other for the wrist) and.. that's it. My U$15,00 hand...

User-inserted image


Then.. I used the same method for the three fingers... except that I cut myself the first prototype (cause it's easy to cut 2mm acrylic). User-inserted image

and finally I came up with this design... I sent that to be laser cut (the fingers in 10mm and the other parts in 2mm)

User-inserted image

here the laser cut parts. U$10 for four sets...

User-inserted image


the trick to bend some parts ? just use a little torch like this one and the corner of your table...

User-inserted image

I'll try to show that on the video, later, ok ?

here is the pdf files of the parts.. use it as wish. I just would like to know if those were useful.. :)

United Kingdom

Awesome job!


Very nice! Thanks for posting progress pics:) ....and who said you cant build a better mousetrap(balsa claw:) )


That was very cheap for the laser cut parts. Can you please share your source for the acrylic cutting? Again very cool, I'm a huge fan of acrylic.


Yes great pictures. I'll just use a band saw to cut the parts. But thank you for the drawings.


thanks guys! I'll put a little video tomorrow... unfortunately, I believe that the shop where I cut the pieces will not be very useful to you, since I'm in Brazil.. But, if you want to give a try, the name is "acrilicos bh" - here is the website...


My job took me to a hazardous waste incineration facility. The conveyor system was all automated. It was pretty fascinating. What caught my attention was a claw that was able to pick up anything from 500 lb, 55 gallon drums, to cardboard boxes the size of milk crates. It didn't look exactly like the picture that I made here, but it was about that design. The black rubber that I show didn't really stretch. There were spring tensioners built into the claws, but you get the idea. Anything that fit inside the loop, got surrounded by rubber as it closed. It was quite simple, but I had never seen anything like it.

As I look at your design, Tevans, I am reminded of that. A few rubber bands incorporated into your claws might make them more versatile.

To my fellow B9ers. Here is a thought. I wouldn't want to stray from the original look of the B9 claws, but I am thinking of making some temporary clips with rubber bands on them that can be snapped on in case I want my robot to pick up a beer can or some other useful chore.

User-inserted image


Looks like a great idea! I will try it out And see what happens. Thanks.