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Varible Watch Doesn'T Maintain It'S Verticle Scroll Position

Variable watch keeps jumping to the top of the scroll every-time a value watched is updated and it's difficult to check values at the bottom of the list when it is constantly jumping back to the top scroll.


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You can pause it (not in front of my computer, so I can't give specific instructions) however that will stop the display from updating, so if you are trying to watch a variable change it isn't helpful.

You can make an object in the mobile interface to display individual variables, but currently no similar function for the full windows interface.

DJ said it is on the todo list when I requested it, but we all know that list is long....



Thanks. Hope it's fixed soon because it makes writing good scripts very difficult.


@leversofpower ... Hmmmm... It's not difficult for me. To be honest I haven't used the variable watcher control yet... I might someday I guess...

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Variable watcher has always been that way, you can make the control bigger if you need to watch variables or you could use the graph control or even a simple script which would display the single variable contents...


Or add an LCD display to the robot and output the debug data to that.

Or write the variable contents to a file and view that.

I haven't used it yet but I would be surprised if you couldn't display variable contents through the custom http server.


Good idea about the script. I didn't think about that. You could even list several variables that you want to monitor and just view them in he script object's window.



Thanks for the suggestions guys. When you start getting a bunch of scripts interacting printing is not so preferable. I have some workarounds and will go with them untill the variable watcher exhibits normal UX scroll behavior.



When you start getting a bunch of scripts interacting printing is not so preferable.
.... Whaaa? Rich's suggestion will work pretty much exactly like the variable watcher control?... Doesn't matter how many other scripts you have running or interacting.....


Actually - that is normal UX behavior for that control. The grid view is a native windows control and it's default behavior is to move to the top - it's SUPER annoying. I haven't looked into a way to change it yet... maybe i'll poke around at it in my free time.


@DJ.... Free time? Seriously, when was the last time you had free time... LOL:D


LOL - well that one bugged me a bit and @levelsofpower reminded me about how much it bugged me:) So I fixed it just now - it'll be in the next release.

The fix uses less resources as well - not that it's a lot in the grand scheme of things. However, I generally feel good when I save a few Bytes or cpu cycles:D


Ditto. This will really help on large projects on small screens.