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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

V4 Max Temp?

I'm writing scripts in preperation for my v4's to arrive, and I came to the getCPUTemp() command. What is the max temp for the v4 to work safely?

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Between -40 to +105 Celsius
Thanks DJ. Wow. When i read that i choked on my drink...
If heat is an issue you really should take your robot out of the oven
I prefer to bake my robots in an oven that uses a 40w bulb. And love.
Heats not an issue, it's just that I never thought it would be that high.
United Kingdom
It probably wont get that high but it's a processor at the end of the day, I've seen processors get to temperatures above that before (it didn't do them any good though).

Rather than (or as well as) warning of a high temp. it may pay to have it warn of a fast rate of rise. Just an idea:)