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V3 Different Flavors?

I have two v3s and they not the same. Should I expect them to behave the same way? Thank you in advance


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What do you mean you have 2 different boards? What's their version #s? How about a couple of pics?

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There were some slight changes to the V3 however they happened before I was here.

From memory, and will little knowledge on the subject the changes were not major. Heatsinks were one thing and the bluetooth module connection was another. As far as operation is concerned they should behave the same way.

What specifically are you wondering about?


I had the two different versions (sold one). They behave identically.



Just a few components are different and some are in different positions. The second board is from Robot City, it has a name Solarbotics but that has been painted over. I was just wondering if I should expect any differences. Thanks for the replys


Oh I see your post now DJ. Thanks, I should be all set then.


Looking at the history got to me to thinking, are there any forum users that have been with with us since the version 2? I would be very interested to see.